About Us

about non surgical cosmetic surgeon

The world of cosmetic surgery is almost always changing. Cosmetic surgeons innovate so quickly–and so effectively–that sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with what’s current in the field. That’s where Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon comes in. We’re here to help you stay up to date on everything that’s happening with cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Our main focus is almost always going to be on non invasive procedures. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be ignoring innovations around and advice about surgical procedures, such as tummy tuck. We’re still going to pay attention to what’s happening with those invasive, surgical procedures–if only because it throws non-invasive, non surgical procedures into starker relief.

After all, the more information you have, the better. And because non surgical, non-invasive procedures are so popular, there is a lot of bad, incomplete, or misleading information about them floating around out there. That’s why we source all of our information from the cosmetic surgeons themselves.

How Do We Get Our Information?

At Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon, we come by our information in several different ways:

  • From the surgeons themselves: We learn about the ins and outs of new procedures from long discussions with the surgeons themselves. Someone from our team is talking to a cosmetic or plastic surgeon just about every day about all of these very same topics! Sometimes these are official interviews, but more often they take the form of more casual conversations.
  • Diligent research: At Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon, we know what a trusted source looks like–and what it doesn’t. We only use the most trusted sources when performing research for our articles. Sometimes this means spending extra time to make sure we get our facts right, but we consider that time well spent.

Meet Our Editors

Our editorial staff has over twenty years of experience marketing and writing about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. We use that experience to make connections, interview surgeons, and ensure that our readers are getting the very best information possible. Our editorial staff consists of:

  • Nicholas Engebretson: Our editor-in-chief, Nicholas, has been helping surgeons communicate with their patients for nearly two decades. Nick was always finding new ways to market plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures–methods that always matched transparency and information with patient stories and experiences.
  • Dan Voltz: Coming from a background in English Studies, Dan has years of experience with research and analysis. He selects stories and articles for Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon based on how well they communicate complex ideas to the general public–to patients and potential patients. All while making sure everything is as accurate as possible.

If you’d like to contact our editorial staff, you can do so directly through our contact page.

Always Improving

At Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon, we’re always working hard to ensure you’re getting the best information possible. That means we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our platform. Sometimes that means big changes, but sometimes it’s just tweaking the little things. In either case, we’re constantly working on improving ourselves and our content in order to give you the best experience possible.

If you want to know more about us, or if you’re a surgeon (or working on behalf of a surgeon) and want to contribute to Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgeon, contact us today to get in touch!