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Summary: Life’s adventures can certainly take a toll on us. Even people who practice good sun protection may still wind up with skin that’s been damaged from exposure. Thankfully, advances in cosmetic care offer a wide range of remedies to renew and rejuvenate our skin. Following a specific treatment regimen that involves three successive stages of med spa treatments can do wonders to help skin recover from sun exposure, not to mention take years off your face without any surgery.

Customized Facials

Just like no two faces are the same, skin type and cosmetic concerns vary from person to person. Facials provide your skin with immediate nourishment and can be tailored to meet your specific skincare needs. This med spa treatment is designed to rejuvenate your appearance by improving skin’s quality and tone. A trained aesthetician can guide you towards the facial that’s right for you, whether it’s a special mask, steam treatment or combination of spa therapies.

Skin Resurfacing

There are several different options for the second, more intensive stage of skin rejuvenation. Skin resurfacing treatments optimized to help heal sun damaged skin may include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and Clear + Brilliant, a gentle laser resurfacing treatment.

  • Microdermabrasion is a minimally abrasive skin therapy that can treat skin discoloration and other forms of sun damage, improving age spots and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microscopic crystals exfoliate the skin’s top layer, targeting the damaged skin cells on the surface. As the old skin cells slough off, they are removed via vacuum action. Although results may be noticeable after only one treatment, optimal outcomes are typically attained through a series of microdermabrasion sessions.
  • Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that use chemical exfoliating agents to help improve skin’s texture and appearance. Just as facials can be customized according to individual, there are many types of chemical peels, and treatments are tailored to each person’s unique needs. Chemical peels are effective for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scars, age spots and the irregular skin pigmentation that can result from sun exposure.
  • Clear + Brilliant is one of the gentlest skin resurfacing laser treatments [/url]. The noninvasive, restorative therapy is designed to help correct minor sun damage, prevent early signs of aging and keep early signs of aging at bay. Clear + Brilliant stimulates collagen production for a more even skin tone and enhanced skin elasticity. You might see improvements after your first appointment, but four to five sessions are recommended for the best results. Numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to the treatment ensuring the session is pain-free. Post treatment, aestheticians will apply a hydrating mask to aid the healing process and reduce redness.

BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers

Injectable treatments are the final step of your skincare recovery process. BOTOX® and dermal fillers work to treat the deeper, more pronounced wrinkles that facials and skin resurfacing treatments can’t get to. BOTOX® temporarily relaxes the facial muscles responsible for the dynamic wrinkles that form in the upper part of the face such as crow’s feet and frown lines for a smoother, more youthful look.

As the result of sun exposure and the aging process, the lower portion of the face loses volume and skin becomes thinner and cause lines and wrinkles to form. Dermal fillers can help restore lost facial volume and reduce the appearance of nasolabial lines, marionette lines, and wrinkles that form around the corners of the mouth for the perfect finishing touch on revitalizing your sun-kissed complexion.


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