Summary: The year-round sunshine in Tampa Bay means we can use “summer” skincare tips at just about any time of the year. For my patients looking to get the best possible results from laser hair removal, here are a few summer skincare tips to follow during treatment.

1. Protect Treated Areas

A unique consideration for Tampa patients seeking laser hair removal is the bright Florida sun – and how to avoid it. You should skip tanning beds and prevent direct sun exposure for a few weeks after laser hair removal. You’ll also minimize the risk of pigment changes and other complications if you stay away from tanning and direct sun during the months prior to your treatment. Don’t just stick with topical sunblock; you need long sleeves and or pants to get the best protection.

2. Switch to Shaving

Bad news for waxing devotees: you should not wax for at least a month prior to your laser hair removal treatment in order to get the best outcome. LHR works by targeting the dark root of the hair within the follicle. Waxing pulls the hair out completely from the root, making it difficult for the laser to identify the hair within the root bulb and yielding inferior results. Stick with shaving before and for the duration of your treatment.

3. Be Patient

While laser hair removal offers long-term results and permanent freedom from unwanted hair with multiple treatments, it’s not a one-time miracle cure. You’ll need patience and a commitment to regular sessions for the duration of your treatment period to get the look you want.

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