With treatments ranging from skin care to body contouring and beyond, you may be curious about your options in non-surgical cosmetic enhancement. Depending on your needs and expectations, surgery might be the way to go. However, many procedures have non-surgical alternatives that offer distinct advantages over cosmetic surgeries and, in some cases, can produce results that available surgeries cannot. Here are five advantages that non-surgical cosmetic treatments can provide.

1. Minimized Risk

First and foremost, the appeal of the majority of non-surgical treatments is that they are noninvasive. To you this translates into minimized risk. The absence of anesthesia removes the initial risk you would experience on the operating table, while treatments that do not require surgical incisions eliminate the complications that can arise during the healing process. Some of the more thorough non-surgical treatments can present certain risks, but these complications are frequently on a more minor scale of discomfort and unimpressive results.

2. Natural Subtlety

While surgical options can provide dramatic results, most non-surgical cosmetic treatments provide subtler changes in contour, skin tone and facial structure that can enhance beauty in understated, natural, but profound ways.

3. Decreased Downtime

Another benefit of non-surgical cosmetic treatments is that many require little to no downtime. The downtime of a BOTOX® procedure, for example, is essentially nonexistent. The treatment can be administered over your lunch break, half an hour before you have to get back to work. Other treatments such as SkinPen™ facial resurfacing require about 24 hours of recovery, which, again, is the blink of an eye when compared to the weeks and months of recovery that some of the more invasive cosmetic surgeries require.

4. No Incisions, No Scars

Aside from minimized risk, the absence of incisions also means the absence of surgical scars. Tummy tucks and breast augmentation can produce very noticeable results but also involve scarring. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can seek methods to minimize or hide their appearance, but any cosmetic surgery always entails an incision and scar. When conducted improperly, certain laser treatments and other non-surgical treatments can also result in scarring, but when conducted by skilled staff, the risk of scarring becomes minimal. Other treatments, such as injectables and devices that use ultrasound, present no such risk of scarring at all.

5. Unique Results

If you’ve done your homework, you may already be familiar with the limitations of cosmetic surgery. Liposuction can effectively remove subcutaneous fat, but it can’t be used as a treatment for cellulite. Facelifts can effectively treat wrinkles, but they cannot address issues such as sun damage and skin tone. Every cosmetic surgical procedure addresses certain cosmetic issues very well but has limitations as to what it can accomplish. A number of non-surgical alternatives can address issues that simply cannot be resolved with cosmetic surgery. Ultrasound body contouring treatments, such as Liposonix® can be used to treat cellulite. Laser skin resurfacing can be used to treat skin tone, sun-damaged skin and acne scars. When trying to figure out your goals and expectations in enhancement, you may come to realize that cosmetic surgery just won’t cut it, and the best options for your specific needs may very likely be available in non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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