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Summary: Facelifts are popular—and important—procedures. But they aren’t for everyone, and there are some popular facelift alternative procedures.

Top 5 Face Procedures

The face is one of the most important aspects to the way you look. After all, when you think about what composes your identity, what makes you who you are—or even what others think of your identity—your face plays a huge role. That’s one of the reasons why some patients are a little hesitant when it comes to a procedure that would change the appearance of the face overall. A facelift is an incredibly effective plastic surgery procedure, and it can dramatically reduce the implied age of the face. But that might be something of a problem for some patients, who feel that removing all of their wrinkles might alter their face a bit too much.

And just because people don’t want to change their whole face doesn’t mean they don’t want to look younger. So today we’re going to look at the top five face procedures that aren’t a facelift. Because there are a lot of good options that can have a dramatic effect but leave the bulk of your identity intact.

Eyelid Lift Procedures

As we age, one of the most common places that excess skin accumulates is around the eyes. This has more to do with the shape of the eyes than anything else. But as skin accumulates around the eyes, it can make the eyes look much older, sadder, and more fatigued than the patients would like. This skin can even impair vision. According to the website of the Newport Beach eyelid surgery experts at the practice of Dr. Tenley Lawton, MD, an eyelid surgery can dramatically improve the overall look of the face by focusing on the eyes. Once the excess skin is removed, the eyes look younger, more vibrant, and more expressive.

Neck Lift Procedures

Sometimes, it’s not your face that makes you look older. Sometimes it’s the wrinkles that accumulate around your neck that make you look older. A neck lift procedure is designed to mitigate these wrinkles and make the patient look significantly younger. This is because the neck is having an impact on the way the face looks even if we don’t really realize it. It’s almost like a “stealth” facelift. Everyone will know you look younger and better, but they won’t know you’ve had work done.

Brow Lift Procedures

One of the areas that tends to be a focus of wrinkles and lines is the forehead. This is largely because, as we go through life, the forehead is incredibly expressive. (Whether you know it or not, your forehead is always saying something about you). It makes sense, then, that your forehead would accumulate a certain amount of wrinkles and lines, just due to wear and tear. A forehead lift, which eliminates many wrinkles and lines, is a great way to restore some youth to that area.


Rather than targeting all of your lines and wrinkles, some prefer to target just a single line or wrinkle. That can be accomplished with a procedure such as a Botox injection. Botox, after all, is designed to eliminate specific collections of wrinkles and lines (caused by muscle contractions and such). Targeting one or two specific wrinkles really helps you maintain your overall identity, accomplishing a subtle change rather than one extra large change. That’s why Botox is a great way to maintain your youthful look without changing your overall appearance.


Sometimes it’s not the wrinkles that make your face look a little aged, it’s the extra fat that develops around your jawline—it’s the dreaded double chin. When you have a sleeker, more slender jawline, you can definitely look a little more slim and a little more youthful. Kybella is able to eliminate this excess tissue without the need for surgery or any type of invasive procedure. In fact, it’s just a simple injection. Using an injection to melt fat is so easy, it’s no wonder this procedure is turning out to be incredibly popular, even though it’s quite new to the marketplace.

Look Like a Younger Version of You

When it comes right down to it, most people that are interested in plastic surgery aren’t trying to change their entire identity; they just want to look like an ideal version of themselves. So it shouldn’t surprise us that these 5 face procedures that aren’t a facelift are in and of themselves quite popular. They each offer patients the ability to address a specific area or aspect while maintaining their overall identity; in other words, these procedures help you look like a younger version of you.

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