Summary: Want the perfect body, but afraid to go under the knife? Consider non-surgical body contouring options that provide similar results as plastic surgery without the scars or surgical risks. Non-surgical body contouring is growing rapidly in popularity, but many myths still exist that prevent consumers from learning more. We’re here to shed some light and debunk 7 common myths about non-surgical body contouring:

Myth #1: Liposuction vs Liposonix®

The most common myth being told is that liposuction is the only option available to get rid of that unsightly belly fat that diet and exercise can’t fix. Consider Liposonix®, a completely nonsurgical liposuction alternative that can slim your waist without surgery. Liposuction procedures require weeks of recovery time. With Liposonix®, you can be back to your normal activities much faster, even immediately after your appointment.

Myth #2: Non-Surgical Treatments Are Not Effective

Body contouring is growing wide in popularity, which means many years of research and development have made non-surgical treatments more effective now then ever. As with any treatment, do your research and meet with a licensed and experienced specialist who can provide information about the options available that should give you the best results.

Myth #3: Non-Surgical Body Contouring Is Expensive

Compared to plastic surgery, non-surgical treatments are more affordable than you may realize. Another cost benefit to non-surgical treatments is the speedy recovery time, which means you can go back to work faster without losing a day of pay. Many med spas also offer options for financing, or may recommend a series of treatments that can be paid for as you go.

Myth #4: The Treatments Are Painful

Untrue. Non-surgical treatments like CoolSculpting® are innovative outpatient treatments that help sculpt and smooth problem areas on the body without scarring, surgery or pain associated with surgery. Any discomfort associated with med spa treatments is typically minimal, and should resolve as soon as your treatment is completed.

Myth #5: Non-Surgical Body Contouring Is Just for My Thighs and Belly

More and more treatments are available to fix problem areas including your chin, neck, stretch marks and more. CoolSculpting® and Reaction™ by Viora are a few of non-surgical treatments available that provide great results on different areas of the body, including the face.

Myth #6: Results from Non-Surgical Treatments Are Temporary

Like any procedure you invest in, the results depend on the individual. Just like surgical treatments, non-surgical treatments require the same amount of consideration to diet and exercise to achieve lasting results. If considering these options, and to be a viable candidate, speak with your consultant to develop a personalized plan to find the right options and non-surgical treatments that will work for you.

Myth #7: Non-Surgical Treatments Are Not Performed by Professionals

Completely False. Non-surgical treatments are performed by licensed and certified professionals who are highly trained in performing these less invasive procedures. Before any med spa treatment, you will meet with a trained specialist who can develop a personalized plan and perform the treatment in a professional and safe environment.

Medical spa treatments can address a number of issues, including not only refining your body contours but also helping you look younger without surgery. And as we all know, looking your best can help you feel your best too—no incisions, stitches or scars required.

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