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Summary: As warmer weather and spring fever start to set in, you’re probably getting ready to swap out your long johns for shorts and tanks. But if you’re not so thrilled about the need to keep up on your shaving and waxing routines to accompany this change of wardrobe, you might want to consider getting laser hair removal.

In fact, spring is an excellent time to begin your first LHR treatment and get one step closer to getting the smooth, sleek skin that you can’t wait to show off. Here are just some of the reasons why this spring could be the ideal time to treat yourself to your first laser hair removal session.

1. Prepare for Shorts Season

Even if you’re not entirely ready to break out your short shorts and sundresses, starting your laser hair removal treatments at the first sign of spring could help you get ready for even warmer and sunnier weather.

Most women and men require 6 to 9 treatment sessions in order to achieve the best possible results from LHR. These sessions are typically spaced about 8 to 10 weeks apart for areas on the body, and 4 to 6 weeks apart for facial areas. Because of this, the sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy your smooth, sexy new look.

Keep in mind that once you begin laser hair removal sessions you will need to stay out of the sun and tanning beds for the duration of your treatment. This is why starting your first session in the spring may be more ideal than waiting until the summer rolls around.

2. Quit Struggling with Traditional Hair Removal Methods

Maybe you’ve gotten away with minimal shaving or waxing all winter, but now that the sun has made an appearance again, you’re probably not looking forward to keeping up with these traditional methods of hair removal. If this sounds like you, why not treat yourself to laser hair removal and stop struggling with shaving, waxing and plucking?

Not only are these traditional hair removal methods time consuming, but they can also be painful and lead to irritating skin conditions like razor burn. Instead of constantly struggling with these problems, start your LHR journey now and enjoy smooth, carefree results for years to come.

3. Stop Battling Ingrown Hair

Another common side effect of shaving for both women and men is ingrown hair. This happens when a shaved hair curls inward and begins to grow back into your skin. Although people with curly or coarse hair tend to be more prone to ingrown hair, anyone can experience them. Ingrown hair often results in a painful, inflamed bump that can sometimes become infected or lead to scarring.

Laser hair removal can help to eliminate this problem by removing the hair in your target areas for good, thus making it impossible for them regrow in on themselves and lead to potential skin concerns.

4. Regain Self-Confidence

For women and men with very dark or excessive amounts of hair, traditional hair removal methods can be a challenge to maintain, and the appearance of excessive hair can be cause for low self-esteem. Many men, for instance, choose to get laser hair removal on their chests or backs for a smoother, sexier look and feel without the hassle of shaving or waxing these hard-to-reach areas.

Women may choose to have LHR to get rid of embarrassing facial hair and help them regain their self-confidence and absolutely love the way they look.

5. Save Time and Money

Not only are shaving, waxing and plucking time-consuming and sometimes even painful and irritating processes, but their long-term costs can quickly add up. Whether you need to constantly stock up on razors, shaving cream and aftershave or schedule regular waxing sessions, you likely spend much more than you might think on hair removal every year.

While investing in laser hair removal will require an upfront cost, you can save money in the long run by eliminating the need to schedule costly waxing treatments or continually purchase shaving or at-home waxing supplies.

6. Don’t Wait for Hair Regrowth after Waxing All Summer

If laser hair removal isn’t on your radar until the summer is already in full swing, you may need to wait even longer before you can start your first treatment. If you’ve been waxing all summer long, you’ll need to give your hair enough time to grow back in before LHR can be effective. This is because the laser targets the pigment in your hair, so without any hair to target, LHR won’t work.

Instead, start thinking about scheduling your first session now so you can start enjoying the results as soon as possible. Although your entire round of LHR treatments will take a few months in total, you can expect to see a significant decrease in the fullness and amount of hair you have after each individual session.

Since you’ll gradually see results as soon as you start laser hair removal, you’ll need to shave less and less as you continue with your LHR appointments.

7. Enjoy Low-Maintenance Long-Lasting Results

Although not technically permanent, as you may require a few touch-up treatments down the road, laser hair removal can offer very long-lasting results. Think of LHR as an investment in yourself so that you can enjoy smooth, radiant skin for years to come without all of the unwanted side effects that come along with traditional hair removal methods.

If you are considering getting laser hair removal treatments, be sure to work with a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon or laser technician. He or she can guide you throughout the entire process to help you get the long-lasting, beautiful results you’re looking for.

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