Summary: Rumors are spreading that Johnson & Johnson is looking to take on the makers of Botox and end their monopoly of the filler market once and for all. The future of Botox, however, seems to look bright regardless of competition.

Meeting its Match

Botox has dominated the injectable filler market for years. The product holds an 85% market share, monopolizing the world of cosmetic fillers. This, however, may be about to change. Johnson & Johnson, the trusted “family company” is seeking out approval for a wrinkle product of its very own. While the filler won’t likely hit US markets until 2015, the people at Allergan, Inc. (the makers of Botox) could be faced with a challenger soon.

What Johnson & Johnson Needs

In order to compete with Botox, Johnson & Johnson’s product will need to have many benefits over the trusted Botox. It will likely need to work faster and last longer, as well as be significantly cheaper to the public. If the company can pull this off, they will have a decent chance at making waves in the market. Until then, Botox is likely to stay on top and Allergan, Inc. will be number 1 in fillers.

Why We Love Botox

People love and use Botox for many reasons. We all know that it is amazing for filling and smoothing wrinkles, but there are a number of other uses for the product and that is what is helping it really gain momentum. In addition to being a great cosmetic injectable, Botox has also been known to help with:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Overactive sweat glands
  • Reversing cross-eyes
  • Benign enlarged prostates
  • Pancreatic disorders
  • So much more…

What we know today as Botox was originally developed for some of the above uses and was sold to Allergan, who then remarketed the product for wrinkles. More and more discovered uses for the wrinkle paralyzer have helped bring in an outstanding $1.3 billion dollars for the company worldwide. People all across the globe use Botox for a number of different uses, so it is not surprising that a competitor would want to get in on the action.

Taking on the Leader

One main challenge Johnson & Johnson will have in competing with Botox is simply to make it in to people’s every day vernacular. Even though Botox was created less than 20 years ago, it has managed to become a verb, used in association with all fillers and injectables. In order for a competitor to break into the market and become a huge success, a heavy amount of marketing will need to be introduced. Luckily for Johnson & Johnson (and possibly unlucky for Botox), the company has a staggering marketing budget.

The Future of Fillers

Botox has its work cut out for it in order to maintain its dominance over the market. Because the word “Botox” is synonymous with facial fillers, the numerous other amazing uses for the product oftentimes get overshadowed. Allergan, Inc. will need to push the other uses in the coming years if it wishes to stay on top. Johnson & Johnson’s filler product, which may be introduced in as little as 2 years, is definitely a story to watch, however in the meantime, we are more than happy with our Botox.

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