Summary: Getting rid of fat is a common goal for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Unfortunately, fat elimination is not always the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Even diet and exercise don’t always fit the bill. Plastic surgery offers some ways to eliminate fat, but they invariably mean surgery and, therefore—recovery. The downside to this is that you’ll be out of commission for a big. However, there are some nonsurgical alternatives, including a new injectable just approved by the FDA to target and eliminate double-chin fat.

Using Cosmetic Surgery to Get Rid of Fat

Much of plastic surgery still seems centered around eliminating fat, doesn’t it? Whether we’re talking about liposuction or CoolSculpting or magic diet pills, it seems like we’re often struggling to find a way to get rid of our fat. That makes sense, I suppose—we live in a society that values slenderness, and that slenderness can become very important to things like our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image. We might prefer to live in a world where what’s on the outside doesn’t matter (and, on a personal level, it probably doesn’t)—but the reality is that lack of slenderness (or the associated confidence) can often be responsible for keeping you from getting a job or a promotion.

That’s unfortunate and unfair—but it’s also reality (working to change that reality is something we should aspire to, I think, but that’s a different article). And it certainly explains why both men and women are keep to get rid of some fat as quickly and as easily as possible. In other words, there should be no mystery about why these procedures are popular, especially when they offer results with little in the way of downsides or recovery periods. Indeed, this last little bit is a growing trend in cosmetic surgery in general—nonsurgical techniques that offer great results with little recovery. So instead of getting a surgical eyelid lift, you can get nonsurgical blepharoplasty in Los Angeles and enjoy the results a heck of a lot sooner.

The Breakthrough of Kybella

The problem is that nothing like this was available for fat elimination, with the possible exception of CoolSculpting. And CoolSculpting doesn’t work for every kind of fat—indeed, most of the results from CoolSculpting procedures are quite subtle. However, there is a new injectable that seem to be making quite the splash when it comes to weight loss and fat elimination. That injectable is something called Kybella, and it was just approved by the FDA to eliminate double-chin fat.

This is a pretty remarkable breakthrough. Kybella works by targeting submental fat. Now, you might be wondering: if Kybella works for the double-chin, perhaps it will work in your belly area or around your thighs. Unfortunately, targeting that kind of fat in other areas of the body could be potentially harmful. So, for now Kybella is limited in its use to the chin area. But this is great for patients looking to eliminate that dreaded double-chin—a double-chin that can make people feel quite uncomfortable about the way that they look.

Kybella Approval for Chin Fat

Because Kybella was just approved by the FDA, it may take your cosmetic surgeon a little bit of time to get up to speed and begin offering the product—if indeed that even happens. Cosmetic surgeons will often specialize, and so if a surgeon does not feel comfortable with Kybella it may be some time before the product appears in your area. So, if you’re looking for nonsurgical procedures in Los Angeles, you may have to settle for more tried and true methods, such as CoolSculpting. Of course, the advantage of tried and true methods is that you have a pretty good idea—at the end of the day—what you’re going to get.

When it comes to eliminating fat, for example, CoolSculpting has a well earned reputation as being able to target pockets of fat that are relatively close to the surface of the skin. By using intense cold—which targets fat but doesn’t harm your skin or other tissues—CoolSculpting can eliminate fat. It takes several weeks for the optimal results to show, and to be sure, it’s not quite as effective as something like liposuction, which surgically removes fat. But for those who are looking for a more subtle result or who have an aversion to surgery (or the recovery required from surgery), CoolSculpting is a great alternative.

Get the Body You Want With Cosmetic Surgery

Using cosmetic surgery to get rid of fat isn’t necessarily a new idea. Indeed, for as long as plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have been convincing people that getting the look they want is possible, surgeons have been working to mitigate recovery and risks. In other words, expect to see even more nonsurgical procedures take the limelight as we move forward. Kybella will likely be the beginning. Research continues on a wide variety of other injectables designed to do roughly the same thing.

The benefit of this is that soon it will be easier and cheaper to achieve the results you’re after. And the ones who benefit the most from that are, of course, the patients. Get yourself ready for benefits.

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