Summary: For years we’ve believed that if we are unhappy with the results of our primary cosmetic surgery the only solution is a second surgery. However, for those who are considering revision rhinoplsaty, a simple injection may help avoid a second trip to the operating room.

Non-Surgical Is the New Normal

Non-surgical procedures are taking the plastic surgery world by storm. With more and more patients looking to receive the benefits of cosmetic enhancement without the risks associated with major surgery, non-surgical techniques are being developed every day in order to make this dream a reality. One such innovation has included the use of fillers to correct a bad primary rhinoplasty procedure. If you are unhappy with the results of your original rhinoplasty, read on. You may be able to get the results you desire without having to go back under the knife.

The Importance of Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients undergo cosmetic surgery because they are looking to improve upon their appearance. In the cases of bad plastic surgery procedures however, it is possible that you were left with a look that is less than desirable. It is important to know that you can always get these issues fixed, and if you are unhappy with your results revision is always available. Don’t allow yourself to hate your rhinoplasty, because nothing is permanent and everything can be corrected.

Your Injectable Options

Many cosmetic plastic surgeons in Manhattan and all over the country offer injection rhinoplasty. This process uses facial fillers to make the nose appear fuller and correct any issues you have experienced during your initial surgery. The one downside to using fillers for this process, however, is that they may eventually dissolve back into the body. A solution is being developed in several places across the United States, and permanent injection rhinoplasty is now being offered. This process uses a medical-grade silicone that has been approved by the FDA for a long time, and it doesn’t absorb into the body like facial fillers do.

Your Step By Step Revision

Permanent injection rhinoplasty isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The following steps will be taken to assure that you have the beautiful nose you desire.

  • The technique of permanent injection rhinoplasty works by injecting micro-droplets under the skin at the area of the defect. The body will then wall off the silicone droplets with a natural barrier, causing depressed areas to appear plumper.
  • The fillers are injected layer-by-layer, often times during six week intervals, adding more as the nose requires it.
  • Most patients require between three to five sessions to complete the process.

Understanding your revision will help assure that your results are what you desire.

Find a Specialist Today

If you have recently undergone a rhinoplasty surgery and were unhappy with the results, you have options when it comes to correcting your look. Surgery is always available to revise a bad original rhinoplasty, but for those who are interested in the non-surgical trend, fillers are also available. Discuss with your doctor today the difference between using facial fillers and silicone fillers to correct your primary rhinoplasty. We assure you that a beautiful nose is right around the corner.

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