Summary: Rhinoplasty has traditionally been performed as a surgical procedure. But Dr. Alexander Rivkin helped innovate the nonsurgical nose job, which, for many patients, provides similar results. It’s part of a trend in cosmetic rejuvenation, emphasizing results without the pain of a long recovery period.

A New Kind of Rhinoplasty

When most of us think about rhinoplasty, we take it for granted that we’re going to have to go under the knife. Depending on the work to be done, rhinoplasty generally comes with a standard recovery time of anywhere between 2-12 weeks. A week to get the cast off, and the rest of the time for the swelling to subside before you can see the results you were after.

But a new procedure with roots in the Los Angeles area might be starting to change the way we think about rhinoplasty. Several years ago, an LA cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Alexander Rivkin, was the first to perform what is known as the nonsurgical nose job, or, more accurately, nonsurgical rhinoplasty. The procedure has largely been successful, and has been growing in popularity, with Dr. Rivkin being invited onto several television shows to discuss his technique.

How it Works

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty takes advantage of tools known as dermal fillers. Approved by the FDA to use under the skin, dermal fillers were developed to smooth out wrinkles, crows feet, and other facial imperfections. Essentially, they fill the space left by a wrinkle from underneath. (Hence, dermal “filler.”) Dr. Rivkin essentially used that tool in a creative way. He used dermal fillers not to smooth out wrinkles, but to smooth out noses.

Many patients who are looking for rhinoplasty do so because they want their noses to look more perfect—perfect angles, perfect shapes, and so on. Dr. Rivkin developed a way to accomplish this by adding volume to the nose in strategic areas, since many of these problems were caused in the first place by a lack of volume. The results were found to be excellent by most patients who underwent the procedure. They were especially pleased with the lack of recovery time.

Not For Everyone

This nonsurgical solution is not for everyone. Indeed, as dermal fillers can only replace missing volume, if you feel your nose is too big or if you wish to remove a certain portion of your nose, you’ll probably have to seek out more traditional, surgical solutions. Additionally, if you’re looking for permanent solutions, nonsurgical options may not be right for you, as dermal fillers are in most cases eventually (sometimes over a number of years) absorbed back into the body.


Even if a nonsurgical rhinoplasty isn’t for you, it’s nice to see the innovation at work, giving people great results with less pain. If you’re interested in nonsurgical rhinoplasty, talk to your doctor today.

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