Summary: In the news again for plastic surgery, Iggy Azalea isn’t talking this time. Recently, Azalea admitted having a breast augmentation procedure performed, and she was quite happy with the results. But with some slight changes to her nose and chin, Azalea is again inviting (though, that’s not exactly the word I would use) speculation about possible rhinoplasty or chin augmentation procedures. Then again, she might have undergone a non surgical version of these procedures, as non surgical procedures are becoming increasingly popular.

Iggy Azalea’s New Plastic Surgery and Nose Job Evaluation

A short while back, Iggy Azalea, the rapper from Down Under, admitted that she had undergone a breast augmentation procedure. It turned out that she had had the breast augmentation procedure performed some time in the past—a number of months or years prior to her admission—and was able to keep it hidden because the chosen size of her new breasts was relatively modest (and she had been filling out her chest with padding prior to this procedure). For Azalea, breast augmentation was a relief, as it brought her body into a more (for her) pleasing proportion. And, oddly, everyone kind of celebrated that. If her breast augmentation had been a performance, Azalea would have garnered rave reviews.

That’s why it’s puzzling, and a little frustrating, that those same “reviewers” seem now to have turned on Azalea. There’s some photo evidence that Azalea has recently gotten work done on both her nose and her chin. This photo evidence is suggestive but not, of course, a signed confession. That doesn’t stop the press and gossip columnists from doing their usual dance, where they trot out a “highly-qualified” plastic surgeon to talk about what work Azalea (or whatever celebrity) likely had done and make judgments about how successful that work was. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, as you may have noticed.

Not Her First Plastic Surgery

Thus far, Azalea has not admitted to having aesthetic plastic surgery, at least beyond the initial breast augmentation procedure. But here’s the thing: she may not have had traditional plastic surgery. Based on the pictures (which, of course, can be misleading), people are saying that Azalea got a nose job and a chin implant—but both of those procedures can be accomplished using non surgical means. For example, it has long been established that non surgical rhinoplasty in Los Angeles is a common way to get the nose you’ve always wanted (or that celebrities have always wanted) without surgery.

During a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure, injectable fillers are, well, injected into the nose, and then shaped by the cosmetic surgeon in order to add volume in strategic areas. This can be used to straighten the nose or to smooth out the bridge. The effects can be temporary or permanent (relatively) based on what the patient wants. It’s no wonder, then, that non surgical nose job procedures are incredibly popular. They give great results and patients don’t have to deal with any of the inconvenience of downtime and recovery due to surgery. In other words, there’s a lot less pain, and a lot more time for enjoying the results.

Non Surgical Options

Since the inception of non surgical rhinoplasty, other non surgical procedures have been increasingly popularized. Among these is a non surgical chin augmentation procedure. Much as with non surgical rhinoplasty, with a non surgical chin augmentation procedure, injectable fillers are injected into the chin—something like Radiesse or Restylane or Artefill, depending on the desired results. This can increase the size of the chin and create a new and different jawline. This jawline is generally more balanced and more pleasing to the patient.

It’s well within the realm of possibility that Azalea had just such a non surgical procedure performed, and that she opted for the temporary versions of such fillers. This means that her jawline and nose may return to normal in a matter of months. If that’s the case, it certainly proves that all of this discussion over Azalea’s “plastic surgery” is rather moot. But I suppose it gives us something to talk about. Because it also gives me a chance to say that the only person who should be worried about the result of Azalea’s cosmetic procedures is, well, her.

No Recovery Means Instant Gratification

It’s possible that Azalea wanted to take out a nose job and a chin augmentation for a “test drive.” Non surgical nose and chin procedures are a really great way to do that. You can see how you like your new nose and your new chin—and if you don’t like, you just wait for the affects to wane over time. If you do like your new nose or chin, you could conceivably schedule your next injections with a more permanent filler or you can schedule a surgical procedure to accomplish similar results.

The advantage that non surgical procedures will always have, of course, is that they’re relatively painless and you don’t have to cope with a long recovery after surgery. Even something as simple as surgical rhinoplasty can take weeks to recovery from fully. Whether you’re Iggy Azalea or not, non surgical procedures can be a great way to get instant results that you love.

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