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Summary: Every so often, a new procedure pops up that gets a fair bit of attention because of the name it’s given. That’s certainly the case with the Vampire Breast Lift, a non surgical breast lift alternative that is turning heads with its provocative imagery.

What is the Vampire Breast Lift?

It’s been a while since we’ve written about the Vampire Facelift. The procedure hasn’t really gone anywhere—it’s simply moved on to a more scientific sounding name (PRP Injections—whereas the PRP stands for platelet-rich-plasma that, you know, comes from your blood). The procedure has moved from cutting edge trend to just another tool in the cosmetic surgery tool belt. However, there’s a new procedure that seems to one-up the Vampire Facelift when it comes to name-notoriety, and that’s the Vampire Breast Lift. This provocatively named procedure is a recent arrival—at least in terms of popular consciousness.

To be sure, this is a weird sounding procedure. Any time you put the word “vampire” in the name of your procedure, there’s a distinct marketing strategy involved: you want attention, and that’s a good way to get it. So what exactly is a Vampire Breast Lift? Well, when you listen to the explanation, it’s not terribly different from its facelift-kin. In essence, the Vampire Breast Lift uses your own blood to increase the size or perkiness of your own breasts. That may seem a little, well, gross, but there’s a certain procedure involved that, once you get past the blood part, starts to make more sense.

What Happens During a Vampire Breast Lift?

Non surgical alternatives to plastic surgery procedures are nothing new (just look at what the non surgical nose job in Los Angeles accomplished for that city). But the procedures involved in a vampire breast lift are still relatively novel. First, blood is removed from your body via a blood draw. Now, the name may imply that this blood is then injected right into the breasts, but that’s not actually what happens. The blood is purified and separated in a centrifuge, so surgeons can collect the platelets. These platelets are then mixed with a little bit of Juvederm and Restylane (dermal fillers usually used to fill in wrinkles in the face).

Once that mixture is created, then things are injected into the breasts. These injections are quite deliberately targeted to make the breast appear perkier and rounder in a more natural way. The theory is that the PRP encourages blood flow and collagen development while the fillers do what comes naturally—creating volume. The combination is enough to subtly lift the breast in a way that makes it look more youthful.

What are the Results of a Vampire Breast Lift?

In general, the results of a vampire breast lift are going to be quite subtle. This means that it’s not really a great option for all patients. In fact, patients who want noticeably changed results and who want those results to last are likely going to want to look at more traditional breast lift procedures. That’s not necessarily a knock on the Vampire Breast Lift—just an acknowledgement of its limits. That said, the Vampire Breast Lift will generate those subtle effects. And it will last for roughly a year. So if you’re only looking for temporary results—if you don’t necessarily want larger or perkier breasts for the rest of your life, then this procedure may be for you.

Of course, there’s also the cost element. Plastic surgery can be exceptionally expensive. Even procedures such as breast augmentation using autologous fat (the so-called fat graft breast augmentation) require downtime due to the liposuction involved to harvest the fat. So for those who are actively trying to avoid surgery, the vampire breast lift may be a good option to get the results you’re after. At the very least, it’s certainly much less invasive than surgery.

Not the First Non Surgical Procedure – and Not the Last

This continues a trend among cosmetic surgeons of finding non surgical alternatives for surgical procedures. As mentioned before, the non surgical nose job is a great example of this. The results are not nearly as pronounced as surgical rhinoplasty, but the non surgical version of the procedure gives patients more options for how they get their results. The value of this cannot be underestimated. In fact, current non surgical procedures include:

  • Non surgical facelift
  • Non surgical blepharoplasty
  • Non surgical rhinoplasty
  • Non surgical breast augmentation (using saline)
  • CoolSculpting (liposuction alternative)
  • Non surgical skin tightening

More procedures are being added to the list all the time. Patients like having a wide variety of non surgical procedures to choose from. At the end of the day, the addition of the Vampire Breast Lift gives patients one more option—strangely named as it is—to choose from.


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