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Summary: In the most recent issue of Women’s Health, Anna Faris breast augmentation reflections abound. The celebrity discusses her past plastic surgery and why the procedure surprised her. She also talks about the fact that she is quite happy with the way the procedure turned out. A breast augmentation can be a transformational procedure–it’s certainly the most popular plastic surgery procedure for a reason–so we were all ears when it came to Anna Faris’s interview.

Reading Anna Faris Breast Augmentation Reflections

In the most recent issue of Women’s Health, Anna Faris was incredibly open about her experience undergoing plastic surgery. These Anna Faris breast augmentation reflections were mostly discussing her pleasure with the final result–but the actress, comedian, and writer also touched on her surprise.

Plastic surgery isn’t something she ever thought she would do. I think that experience, especially, is echoed by a huge number of plastic surgery patients. That seems like something of a contradiction. Plastic surgery is supposed to be a slow, deliberate process. How can you ever be surprised by it?

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that many people who undergo plastic surgery never thought they’d actually get something done. There could be many reasons for that kind of mindset–and Faris articulates some of those reasons quite well in her interview. From personal reasons to financial ones, there’s always something that can keep you from getting the procedure you really want. What can those Anna Faris breast augmentation reflections teach us about our own plastic surgery desires?

Sometimes Plastic Surgery Sneaks Up on You

You should know what’s happening with any plastic surgery procedure every step of the way. That’s usually the job of the surgeon. When Anna Faris–or any of us–talk about the “surprise” of getting surgery, it’s usually referring to what happens before you ever walk into the surgeon’s office.

Anna Faris, for example, had some very good reasons for thinking about getting a breast augmentation. According to her interview, she had been an A-cup all her life and had recently been through a divorce. She had also had a significant amount of professional success, and decided the time was right to undergo a breast augmentation.

Struggling With Doubts

But she certainly had some doubts. She struggled with being a “good feminist” and what that meant in terms of changing her body (that said, there are plenty of scholars who will argue that plastic surgery on a personal level and feminism are not incompatible). Faris decided to take the plunge, to get the procedure, even though it wasn’t something that had been on her radar for a significant period of time. And she loved (and continues to love) the results.

Your Plastic Surgery Journey

So how does this apply to you and your plastic surgery journey? Well, there are a couple of guiding principles we can take away from Faris’s experience.

  • It’s okay to dip your toes in: Now, Faris did more than dip her toes in. She dove into the deep end of the pool with her breast augmentation procedure. But what I’m getting at is this: it’s okay to try something new. It’s okay to change your mind on plastic surgery as you get older.
  • It’s also okay to have your heart set on a certain procedure throughout your entire life. There are plenty of patients who have wanted to undergo plastic surgery–a breast augmentation or a facelift or a tummy tuck–for years before finally getting the chance to actually do it. When these procedures are years in the making, the satisfaction of finally achieving your transformation can be quite potent.
  • You can be surprised: It’s also quite normal to be surprised in one way or another by your plastic surgery process. Maybe you thought you needed liposuction but a tummy tuck is in order. Or perhaps you wanted a breast augmentation, but a breast lift will get you better results. This process of discovery is quite normal for plastic surgery patients.

We Change as We Age

It’s also quite normal to change as we go through this little process of life. We call it aging, but a lot more happens than the development of lines or wrinkles. Your life experiences force you to grow and change–sometimes in interesting ways. That’s why it’s not entirely uncommon for those who want plastic surgery to be surprised by it.

Just like Anna Faris was kind of surprised by her own desire for plastic surgery. In part, that’s because youthful bodies tend to be idealized. So when your body is youthful, you have less to worry about, less to change.

As you go through life, you may find yourself bothered by areas of your body that went unnoticed before. Or maybe it’s that lack of notice that you find so bothersome. The point is this: Wanting plastic surgery when you’re older is not a betrayal of your past self in some way. Your desires will change as you age. Maybe that aging process bothers you more than you thought. Or perhaps you just want to feel great about your body with the time you have.

These Anna Faris breast augmentation reflections have certainly helped us discuss plastic surgery–and the sudden desire to get it–in a new and interesting way. And for that, we’re definitely grateful!

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