Summary: Among the most popular procedures in today’s plastic surgery field is a procedure called buttock augmentation. This procedure effectively increases the size of the buttocks and makes them appear more rounded through inserting an implant made of silicone or of your own fat. But this procedure is often regarded as “sexy” option. That is, it’s seen as a young woman’s procedure. So what happens when you’re an older woman and you want a larger buttock region? Sometimes this can be seen as somehow uncouth. But I don’t hold to that way of looking at things.

Butt Augmentation for Older Patients

Among the most popular plastic surgery procedures today is something called buttock augmentation. Indeed, the butt augmentation is growing in popularity at a faster clip than breast augmentation. What essentially happens with a butt augmentation is the buttock area is enlarged and the shape is enhanced (usually to make it a bit rounder). Larger rear-ends are definitely fashionable in this day and age, and it’s a look that’s very difficult to achieve through diet and exercise alone. Combined with the overall desirability of the look, it’s easy to understand why the procedure is so popular. But butt augmentation is generally looked at as a young woman’s procedure.

Does that mean that there’s an age limit on butt augmentation? That seems to be the judgment of some (I’m not saying I agree with or even respect that judgment). And that judgment seems to be coming out because Kris Jenner, mother to Kim Kardashian, has reportedly recently undergone a butt augmentation procedure. Celebrity plastic surgery rumors and news is nothing new, and we talk about celebrities and their procedures all the time (hopefully in a more contextual way than just about anybody else). And we’re not used to seeing such harsh judgment of celebrities. Certain websites even describe Jenner’s surgery as “gross.”

A Difference in Perception With Age

This is curious. We suspect that if Jenner had gotten, for example, a facelift, no one would describe that as “gross.” My hunch is that this has something to do with the way that butt augmentation is perceived: a young woman’s procedure designed to make one sexier—and, therefore, more sexually active. Now, I’m not saying that there’s any truth in that as a motivation. I simply think that’s the way it’s perceived. And so, when someone in her 50’s, and someone who is a mother, undergoes a procedure that is perceived to make her sexier, there’s something unseemly about that—according to the tabloids.

But we’re here to provide something of a counterpoint. Plastic surgery is designed to make you feel good about your body and make you feel great about being in your body. After all, it’s not as though you can switch bodies on a whim. So the alternative is to make your body the best it can be. And one thing we’ve noticed about people: they almost never feel as old as they actually are, and as a result, they want their bodies to match how they feel on the inside. If butt augmentation is, therefore, a young woman’s surgery, certainly it makes the patient feel much younger. And I think that’s important to keep in mind.

The Surgical Procedure and Age

Simply because you’re over the age of 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t feel sexy. And if undergoing a butt augmentation is going to help make you feel sexy, I’d suggest you go for it. According to the website of the Clear Lake, TX, butt augmentation experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, there is no age limit, at least on the upper end, in terms of safety. Rather, plastic surgeons tend to look at the overall health of the patient in determining whether someone is a good fit for the procedure.

Women who have undergone butt augmentation procedures are generally incredibly happy with the results. And there are several different types of these procedures. Sometimes, a silicone implant is used to create the look of a larger, rounder rear end. But sometimes a fat graft procedure is used—in other words, fat is taken from somewhere on your body where you don’t really want it (around the belly, for example) using liposuction, then that fat is purified before it’s injected into a targeted area to give that area more volume.

Different Options for this Procedure–Find Your Best Option

Butt augmentation via a fat graft is a really popular option, because it’s essentially killing two birds with one stone, leading to some very happy and thrilled patients, no matter the age. So if you’re thinking about how you might look with a larger, rounder rear end, don’t let the detractors hold you back. There is no butt augmentation age limit. Instead, there are only happy, satisfied patients and patients who wish they had and always wonder. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration).

The overall point is this: if you think having a larger bum would make you feel sexier, that’s the feeling you should listen to. Talk to your plastic surgeon about butt augmentation options, and you can join the ever-growing list of men and women who have had a butt augmentation procedure performed and who love their sexy, youthful results.

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