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Summary: You might see some back to school plastic surgery looks if you’re returning to an academic environment in the next month or so. To be sure, we’re talking mostly about teachers (and, I suppose, college students). In any case, summer is a popular time for patients to get plastic surgery—mostly for those that need to be back in class in September.

That Back to School Plastic Surgery Look

Mostly, when we talk about back to school plastic surgery, we aren’t talking about kids. Usually. There are actually a couple of instances in which kids and plastic surgery would seem a reasonable pairing. But those “instances” are quite rare on a national scale.

No, when we talk about back to school plastic surgery, we’re talking about any procedures that might be debuted on the first day of school, including by teachers or college students. We’re focusing on this time of hear because summer is a nice break for teachers and students (again, mostly college students) to focus on their transformations.

When procedures are performed up to modern standards, they’re often somewhat invisible. In other words, people won’t necessarily notice you’ve had work done, especially if you’re going for natural-looking results. Instead, they’ll just notice how good you look—and that’s the point of back to school plastic surgery, isn’t it?

Should Children Ever Get Plastic Surgery?

I want to start off by making it very, very clear that I’m not a big proponent of children getting plastic surgery. There might be some exceptions made, however, for procedures such as otoplasty. In fact, “ear reshaping surgery” is relatively common, especially among younger patients. But that surgery, it should be noted, is a decision that should be made completely by the parents, the child, and the surgeon (in other words, it’s not something we necessarily broadly recommend, but it’s also not something that we broadly condemn).

There are also certainly stories about students who were being bullied who then elected to undergo procedures such as rhinoplasty in order to (hopefully) improve their situations. Again, this isn’t necessarily something we recommend, though it may be appropriate in certain individual cases.

When it comes to children and plastic surgery we usually take a pretty cautious approach. There are exceptions—such as reconstructive plastic surgery (correcting a cleft lip, for example)—but usually it’s better to wait until patients are a bit older.

So Who is Getting Plastic Surgery Over Summer Vacation?

That leaves two general categories of patients who are especially eager to get plastic surgery over the summer, who want the back to school plastic surgery look: teachers and college students. Let’s take a look at each one and why they might, in particular, want plastic surgery.

Teachers and Plastic Surgery

Teaching is an incredibly difficult profession. Essentially, as a teacher, you are a subject matter expert and a public speaker combined. This means you must be an expert in your field but also at communicating. And you’re standing in front of people all day.

It’s not surprising, then, that many teachers want to feel as though they look their best. Plastic surgery can be a boost to confidence and self esteem. But teachers are often pretty self conscious about appearing in front of the class with visible signs of plastic surgery. That’s why they tend to get any procedures over the summer.

Procedures that are popular with teachers are varied, and could include:

  • Facelift
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Body lift
  • Arm lift

Essentially, any procedure that’s popular at large will also be popular with teachers (contrary to popular student beliefs, they are real people after all).

College Students and Plastic Surgery

The last group we’ll talk about who might be interested in back to school plastic surgery would be college students. That’s because many college students are fresh and new adults. They’ve just turned 18. And for plastic surgeons, the type of maturity that comes with adulthood (both physical and emotional) is important.

So when you turn 18, there’s likely to be at least a little bit of pent up demand. The procedures that maybe you couldn’t get when you were younger are procedures you want to pursue now that your body is more mature. That’s why college students tend to be drawn to procedures such as rhinoplasty or breast augmentation. That said, the same rules kind apply to students that applied to teachers: the popular procedures for college students are generally the popular procedures for everyone!

For a Quick Fix, Try Non Surgical Procedures

The start of the school year is fast approaching (already here for some people), so if you’re reading this you might not have time for proper plastic surgery. If that’s the case, you might want to try a non surgical procedure, such as Botox or Juvederm.

In any case, getting your back to school plastic surgery certainly involves taking some time, thought, and energy in order to make sure you get things right. But it’s also important to acknowledge the broad appeal of these procedures.

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