Butts are everywhere in Miami. Celebrities today are known for their beautifully round, perky backsides. You deserve to have your derriere turn heads as well, but for many of us, the aging process and gravity has not helped our situation. If your butt needs to be lifted and shaped, but you are afraid of visible scars and invasive surgery- luck is on your side! With the Miami plastic surgery procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift or Silhouette Lift®, you will be able to have an amazing back side safely and effectively!

Smarten Up on Butt Up

Butt Up Lift is an emerging new Silhouette Lift® technique straight from Europe that lifts your butt in a lasting way, raising it, repositioning it, and tightening the skin. The Butt Up Lift procedure is performed in two different stages. In stage one, Silhouette Lift® threads are inserted into the proper position in the buttocks. Then, about 30 days later, the threads are pulled and secured to create the lifting and contouring effect to your butt. There are so many amazing benefits to choosing this technology over the standard, invasive procedures of the past. Some of these advantages include:

  • Only a short incision line is required, and it is hidden under the bikini line: meaning you won’t have any obvious or visible scars.
  • The Butt Up Lift procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, reducing your risk for any surgery-related complications.
  • Because the procedure is minimally evasive and doesn’t require being put all the way under, recovery time is a fraction of it’s usual length.

A traditional butt lift would have removed the sagging excess skin and fat to accomplish similar results as the Butt Up Lift procedure, but this old, outdated way involves a long and complicated surgery under general sedation… meaning a difficult recovery period for you! You don’t need any of that now: you have Butt Up Lift.

Lasting Results

The results for this cutting-edge procedure are expected to last several years. While your own muscle and skin elasticity will effect the lasting effect of your own personal results, patients who avoid smoking, sun exposure and weight changes will be able to increase the length of the life of their beautiful new butt.

Feel Happy About Your Butt

It seems like everywhere you look these days, youthful celebrities are showing off their perky young back sides. You can have a butt like this now, and you can do it without the invasive bruising and scarring of past techniques! The Butt Up Lift is a non-surgical procedure that will lift and shape your derriere safely, with minimal down time.

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  1. Not unless there is a MEDICAL reaosn for doing it. Otherwise it would fall under the EXACT same category as having make-up tattooed on you. I think we can both agree that the tattoo would never be classified as medical.

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