Summary: The concept of a “Mini Facelift” is a rather new one in the cosmetic surgery industry today, but it is taking the world by storm because of the results it can achieve in a less invasive way. Excellent for those who are just starting to combat the signs of aging, you can look great in an easier way than ever before.

Cosmetic Surgery Trends Today

The world of cosmetic surgery definitely has its trends that come and go. Currently, the push for enhancements to be less invasive or even non-surgical is taking the industry by storm. With a less invasive surgery you reduce your risk of infection, make your recovery easier, and have the ability to create less dramatic results. This is great for women who are just starting to combat the signs of aging and want to smooth out their skin without undergoing a major surgery. The Mini Facelift is just one of the ways to achieve a younger looking face without taking a dramatic plunge.

Mini Facelift’s Are Faster and Easier

Often times referred to as a “lunch time facelift” mini facelift procedures are faster to perform and require a lot less recovery time. This is great if you want to make a subtle change to your appearance and look and feel more rejuvenated. There are no set age guidelines as to who can undergo a procedure of this type, but most women who opt for a mini facelift are in their 40’s or 50’s. These lifts are a good way to put a toe in the water so to speak and see if a facelift can be beneficial to your overall appearance.

What to Expect

Because mini facelifts are less invasive, the procedure is slightly different than that of a typical facelift surgery. You can expect to experience:

  • Smaller incisions; this lifts and tightens the skin without as much scarring or risk of infection
  • Excess facial tissue will be removed, creating a leaner and younger appearance.
  • Depending on your specific needs, you may only need to undergo a local sedation. Because you are avoiding general anesthesia, your risk of complications is greatly reduced.

A typical facelift surgery can take all day, but a mini facelift is often performed in less than 3 hours: this is where the term “lunch time facelift” comes into play. Many women choose to undergo the surgery right before a major event because they know that their recovery will not be a long and grueling process. Most women are even able to return to work very shortly after their procedure.

Doing What’s Right For You

If your signs of aging are severe, it is possible that a traditional facelift will still be your best bet to achieving permanent results. Mini facelifts are not for everyone, and if you suffer from deep lines and wrinkles you still may want to consider a larger cosmetic “overhaul.” Your cosmetic surgeon will access your current situation and let you know which method of facelift will be best for you. Don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t need, or even worse, talk you out of something you may actually benefit from. If you are just now beginning to experience the signs of aging, discuss all of your options with a surgeon. A Mini facelift may just be the procedure you need to start you on the path to total youthful rejuvenation.

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