Summary: It cannot be overstated how hard plastic surgeons have worked in order to make aesthetic plastic surgery as safe as it is today. But there are always those looking to cut corners, or, perhaps more accurately, cut costs. The appeal of cheap plastic surgery is enduring—you get great results for a drastically reduced cost. Unfortunately, those results come with increased risks, whether you’re talking about black market plastic surgery or plastic surgery tourism. It’s important that you always balance the risks with the benefits—and in this case, I think it’s easy to see how you get what you pay for.

Mitigating Risk in Plastic Surgery

Elective plastic surgery is very safe. But any type of surgery carries with it inherent risks. You may be sedated, there will almost certainly be incisions, and stitching everything back up is vital to a great finished result. There are risks with all of these activities, and very rarely, in a small percentage of cases, there can be complications. These complications aren’t in and of themselves life threatening, but they can be if they aren’t treated properly. Luckily, that’s what board certified plastic surgeons are trained for. This isn’t to say that there are no risks when you undergo surgery with a board certified plastic surgeon, but rather that those risks are minimized.

This is why it’s so important to spend the time—and the money—to ensure that you find yourself a board certified plastic surgeon to work with. Because here’s the thing, the risk of finding a “discount” plastic surgeon to work with is an incredibly high risk. It’s just not worth it. Take, for example, the case of a young Maryland woman who, after seeking out an illegal butt augmentation procedure, was tragically killed by that same procedure. Performed in Brooklyn, police are, of course, looking for the person who they suspect of attempting to inject the woman’s buttocks with silicone.

Plastic Surgery DIY is a Bad Idea

This is a tragic and striking example of what can happen when you don’t seek out qualified plastic surgeons. Unfortunately, that does not stop many people from trying. Cosmetic procedures can seem easy—an injection here, an ice pack there. For some, it can seem like a DIY project. But while the worst that can happen when you re-tile your bathroom is that you can’t use that toilet for a while, the worst that can happen with DIY cosmetic procedures is far worse, as this case makes perfectly clear. So why do people still seek this out?

I think it has something to do with a pretty common feeling: wanting to save a buck. This is the same thing that motivates people who are interested in plastic surgery tourism. Thanks to currency conversion rates, sometimes plastic surgery in another country can be significantly cheaper than here in the United States, even accounting for a hotel stay and an airline ticket. But such adventures are inherently risky—riskier than any surgery you could have in the United States. I’m not, of course, attempting to make the argument that the United States is the only place in the world you can get quality health care. That’s not an argument I can win. The plastic surgery field here is tightly regulated, and that’s where a lot of the costs come from. When you get rid of the costs, you lose on the safety regulations, and that’s where the increased risk comes in.

Your Surgeon is Worth the Cost—Because of Your Safety

The same is true if you try to find some black market cosmetic surgery procedures. And, believe me, black market plastic surgery procedures are out there. The one performed in New York was done in a basement. Now, it’s painfully obvious that a basement isn’t the best possible place to have any kind of cosmetic procedure performed. Indeed, even most butt augmentation fat graft procedures are performed in surgery centers.

So, you’ll want to find yourself a highly qualified plastic surgeon. That’s the safest and the best way to ensure you get the results you’re after. According to the website of the Clear Lake TX fat graft experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, even a procedure as “simple” as a fat graft has a lot of steps and components, not the least of which is purifying the fat before it’s injected back into the body. This means that you can’t simply take fat from one part of the body and deposit it somewhere else.

Protect Your Safety First

Let’s put it this way—you wouldn’t sacrifice your health or risk your life to save a few bucks, so doing something like plastic surgery tourism is not only foolhardy, it’s downright dangerous. And, at the end of the day, while plastic surgery is great, it’s not worth those kinds of risks to your life.

That’s why most people take the time—and spend the money—to find a board certified plastic surgery. When a surgeon is board certified, it means that they’ve been practicing for years, and even a non-board certified surgeon has had plenty of training through medical school and so on. In other words, you’re going to get plastic surgery because you want to look great. Just remember to stay healthy while you’re at it.

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