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Summary: When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, there are some that we’re still somewhat reluctant to talk about. The best example of that is the set of procedures known as vaginal rejuvenation and—in particular—labiplasty.

A Popular Procedure

As the profession of plastic surgery becomes more comfortable discussing the virtues of labiaplasty, so too does the public become more at ease with the concept. For a long while, labiaplasty—no matter how popular—was not a very common topic of conversation. That’s changed in the past few years, as women have begun to discuss the many benefits of what remains a very private procedure. Labiaplasty, after all, falls into the field of vaginal rejuvenation. Women who are uncomfortable with the look or with the sensations of their labia can elect to have surgery performed that will change the shape and size of the labia.

This procedure first generated controversy because of its somewhat sensational nature. The narrative went something like this: women are trying to get the perfect vagina. Or, in some cases, the narrative was about how women feel pressured to have the perfect vagina. While those are important discussions to have, I think it’s important not to speculate too much on any individual woman’s motivation for getting a labiaplasty procedure performed. Indeed, once one moves beyond those narratives, there are plenty of good reasons—and legitimate benefits when it comes to labiaplasty procedures.

What are the Benefits of Labiaplasty?

To truly understand the benefits of labiaplasty, it also helps to understand the motivations of those who opt to undergo the procedure (broadly speaking). Many women have mentioned that they seek out labiaplasty for reasons involving comfort and the mitigation of pain. This seems quite reasonable. As we age, the skin has a tendency to get a little looser. The labia is no exception, and this can begin creating excess skin. This excess skin can become quite uncomfortable during exercise or even during daily activities. People can also feel self-conscious about the way this excess tissue looks.

The primary benefit of labiaplasty is the removal of this excess tissue. This can help patients feel more comfortable and mitigate some painful pinching sensations that crop up. But more importantly, this can lead to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem, as the patient in question feels more comfortable with her body and in her own skin. It’s also important to remember that labiaplasty can be used to treat an asymmetrical or otherwise malformed labia. This can also have an incredibly positive psychological impact on the patient.

Other benefits of labiaplasty may include:

  • Increased sexual arousal and satisfaction
  • Boost in confidence
  • More comfort with one’s appearance
  • Clothes may fit better and be more comfortable
  • Improved self-esteem

What Are My Vaginal Rejuvenation Options?

Labiaplasty is part of a group of procedures known as vaginal rejuvenation procedures. The main point of these procedures is to help the vaginal area feel more youthful. In many respects, this is not terribly different than a procedure such as a facelift, which is designed to make the face appear more youthful. Of course, vaginal rejuveatnion deals with a much more sensitive area of the body. There are several different types of vaginal rejuvenation available:

  • Vaginoplasty: This procedure is designed to tighten the interior of the vaginal area after events such as child birth. The effectiveness of this particular procedure is not quite as clear as, for example, labiaplasty.
  • Clitoral Unhooding: This is a procedure that removes tissue that would normally cover the clitoris. The removal of this tissue can have several aesthetic and functional benefits.
  • G-Spot Amplification: One an incredibly “trendy” procedure, G-Spot Amplification involves the injection of collagen into the front area of the vaginal wall, where the highly sensitive so-called “G-spot” is thought to be. This treatment is marketed to increase satisfaction and arousal.

Of all the vaginal rejuvenation options, labiaplasty is by far the most common and the most popular. Labiaplasty can be performed on the labia major or the labia minor, and for a wide variety of options. This gives patients the ability to be selective about what procedure to pursue and what results will be best in the long run.

The Wishes of the Patient

It cannot be overstated just how important the patient’s wishes and desires are in this process. Any type of vaginal rejuvenation procedure must be thoroughly discussed with patients to ensure the results will be satisfactory. In other words, this is the patient’s decision, and it’s important that we understand that any given patient may have a wide variety of reason for wanting to pursue a labiaplasty. The benefits of labiaplasty are, after all, quite broad, and women who have undergone the procedure are usually quite thrilled with the results.


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