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Summary: Why are body procedures more popular than face procedures, according to new data released by the ASPS? There are several reasons why this is the case, but it’s largely guided by the demands and desires of patients. Patients want body contouring procedures–and procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lift. These days, body procedures are more popular than ever.

Why Are Body Procedures More Popular Than Face Procedures All the Sudden?

New data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has made one trend pretty clear: body procedures are gaining in popularity. It used to be that facial plastic surgery procedures–such as facelift, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty–comprised the majority of top five and top ten procedures. So why are body procedures more popular than face procedures all of the sudden?

Well, there are several factors at work–but this is a change that’s been mounting for quite some time. That seems counter-intuitive. You’d figure with the rise of social media (and with how powerful social media actually is), there’d be plenty of demand for facial plastic surgery procedures.

And there is. Facial plastic surgery procedures are still immensely popular. But body procedures are becoming even more popular, and it’s definitely worth talking about why that is. Plastic surgery as a whole is becoming more popular even when you take body procedures out of the equation. But there’s no denying that those body procedures are driving a good chunk of the popularity. And there are some surprising reasons for that.

What Are Body Procedures?

“Body procedure” is actually a pretty loose definition. To a certain extent, it simply means any plastic surgery procedure that doesn’t take place on your face. With that kind of definition, “body procedures” includes anything ranging from tummy tuck to liposuction to breast augmentation or breast lift.

That’s a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures. And in part, that explains why so-called body procedures are so very popular. Patients just have a lot of options. There are even options within those options (for example, if you want liposuction, there are plenty of areas of your body that you could treat). So, that’s our working definition of what a “body procedure” is.

Why Are Body Procedures More Popular?

So why are body procedures getting more popular? Well, there are a couple of reasons as to why. First and foremost is the above-mentioned list of options. Patients just have a lot of body procedures to choose from, and the more options they have, the more they feel like any given procedure is just what they’re looking for. But there are two other big reasons why these procedures are getting more popular.

Non Surgical Options Are Much More Effective

Non surgical options are a lot more effective than they used to be. That includes Botox and dermal fillers–anything that can treat your face. So what patients are doing is using less expensive options, such as Botox, to treat their face and spending the big bucks on their body.

The same is essentially true of filters on social media apps. Why spend money on plastic surgery for your face when you can just put a filter over all of your pictures? Patients then make the calculation that it makes more sense to spend that money on a body procedure (something they cannot fix with Botox or a Snapchat filter).

Faster Recovery Times and Better Results

In recent years, surgeons have been able to generally improve outcomes for patients. This means that recovery tends to go by more quickly (and with less discomfort). That said, patients still have to undergo a recovery process–surgery is surgery. But plastic surgeons have done much work when it comes to minimizing that recovery time and returning patients more quickly to their daily lives.

Patients these days are also enjoying more natural looking results. A breast augmentation, for example, is not always quite so obvious as it used to be. And that makes the overall procedure more appealing for a wider variety of patients.

More Popularity in 2019

We expect body procedures to continue gaining popularity in 2019. As they do, we also expect non invasive body contouring procedures to become popular alternatives. Procedures such as Coolsculpting, Sonobella, and Kybella are all going to become more popular in the future as well–especially if they keep up making the improvements to outcomes that they have been.

For the most part, body procedures are gaining in popularity in large part because they get the kind of results that patients want. Why are body procedures more popular than face procedures? Well, for a variety of reasons–but those reasons could change if what patients want changes too. Plastic surgery, for the most part, is almost always following the desires of patients–and that’s the real reason that body procedures are more popular than face procedures for the moment.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s always talking with surgeons about the latest and greatest aesthetic procedures.

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