Why 20-Somethings Shouldn’t Rule Out Botox®

If you’re in your twenties, you may turn a deaf ear when they hear about Botox® as an option for cosmetic improvement.

“Botox® doesn’t apply to me right? It’s for someone older. I don’t have wrinkles.”

Botox® is for more than just wrinkles. Botox®, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as an FDA-approved pharmaceutical, is simply a muscle inhibitor that limits excessive muscle movements. When muscles are moved repetitively it often causes wrinkles. By limiting the excessive motion of the muscles, wrinkles are often reduced and relaxed. However relaxing muscles can have other positive effects on you appearance.

Check out some of these less commonly known uses for Botox®.

#1 Botox® for Gummy Smiles

In 2009, Jamie Foxx had his wrist slapped several times for poking fun of Miley Cyrus’ smile pointing out she showed a considerable amount of gums when she smiles. We love Miley’s smile, but if you’re not a fan of the child-like charm associated with gummy smiles, you may want to know that there are solutions. Botox® when strategically injected into the muscles that raise the upper lip too much (exposing the gums in an undesired manner), can relax the muscle, leaving you with a smile that’s more white than pink.

#2 Botox® for Elevating Eyebrows

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the curtains and make the difference between a window that is overlooked and one that is submitted to a home décor magazine. By defining the brows you can highlight the eyes and make them look brighter and more inviting. (People with sagging brows are often accused of being angry, stand-offish, or tired.) Botox® helps elevate the brows to help your eyes look more open and engaging.

#3 Botox® for Excessive Sweating

Hyperhydrosis (or excessive sweating) can be an embarrassing problem. Fortunately, Botox® has been FDA-approved to improve this medical condition. Based on studies conducted to assess the efficacy of the pharmaceutical in treating Hyperhydrosis, more than 80 percent of participants reported at least a 50 percent improvement in their sweating condition. Fifty percent of the sample also reported that the treatment lasted nearly seven months.

#4 Botox® for Acne Prevention

Adult acne is another condition that can be embarrassing and annoying. When the skin’s sebaceous glands produce too much sebum or oil, acne is produced. The bacteria on the skin feed off of this sebum within the pore and inflames the skin. The result? Pimples. Studies conducted with Botox® have shown to reduce sebum production. By making shallow injections into the skin (not nearly as deep of an injection used to prevent wrinkles) you can actually hinder Sebum production and improve the appearance of acne.

#5 Botox® for a Wide Jaw (Masseters)

Did you know that grinding your teeth at night can create a bulky jaw line? Estimates suggest that more than 10 million Americans suffer from Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). Botox® when injected into your Masseter muscles (the muscles located near your back molars) can narrow your jaw line to make your face appear thinner and more feminine.

Botox® has been used for more than 25 years in a therapeutic setting and has been proven to be both safe and effective.

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