Summary: While Hollywood has a well earned reputation for being a center of plastic surgery, it’s starting to look like Washington, D.C. could start giving it a run for its money. The difference, of course, is that in Washington, the emphasis is on subtle forms of plastic surgery—brow lifts, facelifts, and even eyelid lifts. The emphasis in D.C. is on looking youthful and rested.

The Best of Both Worlds

Washington D.C. and Hollywood are world apart. Okay, at least a continent. But they have something in common: plastic surgery. A lot of plastic surgery. It’s what’s known as the “worst kept secret in Washington,” but it makes a certain amount of sense. Remember how everyone talks about the Kennedy vs. Nixon debate as marking the importance of television to politicians? Kennedy was cool and smooth, Nixon—who opted for no makeup—was sweaty and nervous, and it showed. Kennedy won the debate largely because how he looked.

And so began an obsession in Washington: optics. It’s an obsession that is now fueled by the wide availability of plastic surgery.

Hollywood v. Washington

But I think Hollywood could learn a thing or two from the plastic surgery in Washington: it’s subtle. Think about it this way, imagine a politician who got caught getting Botox or a facelift. It might become a political liability. So politicians—and truth be told, this isn’t limited to politicians—have gotten very good at staving off the signs of aging without over-doing it.

Start Slow

This is an approach that might be worth emulating. After all, the purpose of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures is not to draw attention to the procedure, but to draw attention to your natural beauty or to your more youthful appearance. Indeed, it’s one thing that the New Jersey plastic surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery emphasize repeatedly: keep realistic expectations.

So consider starting slow with Botox, for example. By targeting your deepest, most recessed creases and lines, you might draw attention to the procedure. Rather, try targeting lines that have recently developed—those small wrinkles that maybe no one has noticed yet. This might help preserve the youthfulness that your face already exhibits.

A Subtle Approach

Also, try staying away from invasive procedures. These procedures create necessarily more dramatic results. If you’re looking for a subtle touch, try getting a brow lift instead of an entire facelift.

Politicians seek out these procedures because they’re on TV all day (or trying to be on TV all day). But your face is important too. It’s the often the first thing people notice about you, and it’s almost always how they remember you and what they associate with your personality. So if you feel as though your face isn’t projecting the personality you feel it should, consider taking a subtle approach to your journey into more youthful territory.

But you can start that journey today by talking to your cosmetic surgeon.

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