Summary: With so many fillers out there, we always suggest you do your research… however when it comes down to it: BOTOX® was the first, and BOTOX® is the best.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable filler originally designed to smooth out your wrinkles and leave you with amazing, rejuvenated skin. BOTOX® works incredibly well for these issues, and millions of men and women have experienced youthful results for themselves. Over time, skilled plastic surgeons have been testing BOTOX® for other issues and have found that the product can not only leave you looking more radiant, it can also fix a number of other problems, as well. Truth it, BOTOX® is kind of a miracle product!

Professional Resource: If you’re interested to learn more about injectable fillers we suggest consulting East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery.

The Various Uses for BOTOX®

As mentioned, BOTOX® isn’t just for freshening up your skin. There are a number of medical uses for the substance and the number is growing every day as more and more discoveries are being made. Here is just a short list of what the Food and Drug Administration has approved BOTOX® for:

  • Headaches associated with Chronic Migraine
  • Cervical dystonia (CD) – head tilting, neck pain, and neck muscle spasms
  • Blepharospasm, or abnormal eyelid spasms (eye twitching)
  • Strabismus, also called crossed eyes
  • Symptoms of severe underarm sweating
  • Muscle stiffness in the elbow, wrist, and finger muscles associated with upper limb spasticity

Your BOTOX® Story

As you can see, there are a number of uses for BOTOX®. You may be interested in learning more about the product for a totally different reason than your friend is curious about it! This is okay. BOTOX® can work for everyone in their own individual way. The BOTOX® rules are the same no matter where you are receiving your injection:

  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the injected area for at least 24 hours
  • Avoid heavy physical exercise
  • Do not use cosmetics on the treated area

When you are ready to write your own BOTOX® story, speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon is always your safest bet. The awesome surgeons over at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery are really knowledgeable about the injectable because they administer Botox in New York, one of the most popular places people are looking to get rejuvenated!

Remember that just because BOTOX® has a number of amazing medical uses doesn’t mean we aren’t saying that it isn’t still an amazing injectable for your wrinkles and sagging skin. No matter what you issue, whether it be common aging skin, or not-as-c0mmon excessive under arm sweating, BOTOX® can work for you!

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