Summary: When it comes to the popularity of plastic surgery, every year we see various procedures suddenly making it big. These trending new procedures get all the headlines, most definitely. But beneath all of that, there’s a procedure such as breast augmentation, which has an enduring popularity. What is it about breast augmentation that means it’s still so incredibly popular?

Gaging the Popularity of Breast Augmentation

If there’s one procedure that is most often associated with plastic surgery, it is the breast augmentation. And this isn’t new. Breast augmentation procedures have been nearly synonymous with the term plastic surgery for decades. When you say nip and tuck, people automatically think of breast augmentation (among other procedures, of course).

Sometimes called the “boob job,” a breast augmentation is designed to increase the size of the breasts, sometimes also altering the shape and orientation of those breasts. It’s been popular since it was first introduced, and this popularity shows no signs of waning. The question is why. Why is breast augmentation still so popular?

There are several answers for this, and none of them are mutually exclusive. There are some surgical reasons—the results are great, the pain and discomfort are relatively low key—and there are some social reasons. After all, it’s not as though larger breasts are suddenly no longer attractive. But there are all kinds of reasons that are in between.

With a procedure that has as much appeal as breast augmentation, it’s important to emphasize that nothing about this can be reduced to a bumper sticker catch phrase—this is a real procedure that affects real people, and it’s important to remember that.

Motivations Behind Breast Augmentation

As mentioned above, there are a ton of motivations that steer people towards breast augmentation. Of course, there are the obvious factors: the desire to have larger breasts in order to feel more attractive.

It’s true that there are surgeons who even specialize in breast implants that are overly large for one’s proportions. But the majority of surgeons—even those who work with women to exaggerate their bust sizes—still work within the world of proportions because, frankly, that’s what most women want.

Some of the more common motivations for breast augmentation include the following:

  • The bring the bust into a more pleasing proportion with the hips
  • To improve the way clothing fits
  • To improve the symmetry of the breasts
  • To improve confidence and self-esteem

And, of course, there are other motivations as well. Some women simply want to look youthful and energetic, some women want to improve add more femininity to their look. After all, breasts are generally socially coded as being “feminine” and the lack of breasts is generally socially coded as being “masculine.” So patients interested in breas augmentation often want to highlight their femininity.

The Popularity of Breast Augmentation

Now that we’ve shed some light on the motivations of patients who get a breast augmentation, we can talk about its enduring popularity. Let’s think about it this way: well over 200,000 breast augmentations were performed in the United States last year. That includes breast procedures in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Anchorage, and so on. In other words, a lot of people were getting breast procedures done. So why? Well, as mentioned above, there seems to be two reasons:

  • Social Reasons: There’s no denying that a certain style of breast is generally considered “attractive;” that’s not to deny that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m speaking mostly here of the examples that are held up by big media as “beautiful.” It’s not surprising, then, that there are many people who would like to emulate what is broadly considered beautiful or who feel comfortable pursuing that ideal. In other words, as long as larger breasts are considered attractive, breast augmentation will likely be a popular procedure.
  • Surgical Reasons: It used to be that breast augmentation would take you months to recover from. But as with most surgical procedures, breast augmentation has made strides when it comes to recovery. Surgeons these days tend to favor less invasive approaches, which means a faster recovery time. With less pain, less risk, and less downtime involved, breast augmentation is an incredibly tempting procedure, all the more so because it’s just so easy these days.

Covering All the Bases

To be sure, when it comes to the popularity of breast augmentation, I’m not covering the whole story. That’s largely because the whole story is, well, big. There’s a lot of moving parts to why people get breast augmentation, why it’s so popular, and so on. But one thing is for sure—this procedure has an enduring appeal. Breast augmentation will likely be with us for quite some time.

And that can only mean that the results are in line with what people want—and what many people seem to want is a larger set of breasts. No wonder, then, that breast augmentation continues to endure.

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