Are you looking for larger or more even breasts? Do you need to boost sagging or aging breasts? Perhaps you are simply seeking a new silhouette with some added curves? In all of these cases and more, breast implants might be the perfect choice for you.

Breast implant procedures, also known as breast augmentation or breast enhancement, are the most popular cosmetic surgery to date and can provide larger breasts, more balanced breasts, more lifted breasts as well as breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients. Women who receive breast implants report new confidence and energy, clothes that fit better and greater pride in their appearance.

Women in Dallas looking into breast implants have a variety of choices, from their choice of cosmetic surgeon to the type of breast implant to the placement to the incision and more. It’s worthwhile to take some time to examine the various breast implant choices to make the best one for you and your overall lifestyle.

For example, women can choose from a variety of cosmetic surgeons in Dallas, but should seek a good fit as far as education, experience, specialty in breast implants, recommendations from previous clients and personality. You should also inquire about recovery and post-procedure information.

Women in Dallas also have options when it comes to breast implant placement: Implants can be placed under natural breast tissue (sub-glandular placement) or under the pectoral or chest muscles (sub-muscular placement). On the whole, sub-glandular implants will look more high and tight and allow for greater natural movement; this procedure is also less painful and entails a shorter recovery period, but the edges of the implants may be visible, especially with women who have less body fat, thin skin and little natural breast tissue. On the other hand, sub-pectoral breast implants create more cleavage and a more natural look, but this particular surgery will involve a longer recovery time because the chest muscles are separated during the implant procedure.

Finally, women looking into breast implant procedures also have choices regarding the location of the actual incision: The armpit incision is the most visible incision, but it usually allows women to breastfeed; the nipple or areola is the easiest to conceal, but will make breastfeeding very challenging; below the breast is an in-between option with moderate visibility and moderate breastfeeding success; and the belly button incision is the most popular since it creates a small and almost invisible incision.

And, of course, women can choose the size of their new breasts, and should try wearing bras of various sizes to get a feel for the ideal size and shape. You should also discuss your ideal size with your cosmetic surgeon.

The choices and the benefits related to breast implants are numerous. In essence, when it comes to breast implants, you should consider all of your options, your current lifestyle and schedule, your needs and your interests as you seek the perfect breast implant option for you.

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