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Summary: Breast procedures have changed significantly since they first hit the market. Breast procedures in 2016 look to be continuing the trend of innovation.

New Innovations with Breast Procedures in 2016

Since the dawn of modern aesthetic plastic surgery, breast procedures have been popular. Breast augmentation has been a way of making the breasts appear larger for decades now, and patients have found a great deal of comfort and joy in the results. So what does that mean for breast procedures in 2016? Granted, breast surgery looks completely different than it did decades ago when these procedures first started. The first true breast augmentation was performed in 1961, after all, so it should not be a shock that things have changed since then. The procedure is safer, less invasive, and the results are better.

But that’s not all that’s changed. Breast procedures involve much more than breast augmentation these days. In fact, there are both aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures that surgeons perform on a regular basis. These procedures are designed to change the shape of the breast but not necessarily increase the size of the breasts. This means that many more patients are able to feel comfortable in their bodies, able to achieve a kind of harmony with their body that they previously were not able too. That’s why breast procedures in 2016 promise to continue this trend, not necessarily eclipsing the breast augmentation procedure, but certainly continuing to offer more options.

Reconstructive Breast Procedures

One of the areas that breast procedures have changed quite a bit is when it comes to breast reconstruction. There are two basic schools of breast reconstruction: the school that deals with post-mastectomy reconstruction and the school that deals with asymmetry correction. Both are incredibly important, as addressing either of these areas can help patients feel like a whole, complete person again. That said, the two “schools” (I’m using that term quite loosely) work in very different ways:

  • Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy usually involves the use of donor tissue. For example, in order to create the reconstructed breast, tissue (blood vessels, muscle tissue, etc) is often donated from one area of the body (such as the belly area). This is the best way to create a natural looking final result.
  • Correcting Breast Asymmetry is usually done with a more traditional breast implant, such as a saline or silicone implant (though, in some cases, patients request a fat graft procedure which can also be quite effective). In general, this makes for an easier surgical process.

These breast procedures have gained a lot of respect over the years, and breast reconstruction after mastectomies have become a common point of discussion for patients and doctors alike.

Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

Breast procedures in 2016 have also grown to include breast lift and breast reduction procedures. To be sure, these procedures aren’t exactly new or novel; breast lift and breast reductions have been performed for quite some time. What’s happening today is that they’re getting more popular. Breast lift procedures, in particular, are growing at a rate faster than traditional breast augmentation procedures (of course, the disparity in the numbers means that it’s quite unlikely breast lift will ever catch up—but the statistic makes an impression nonetheless).

So what do these procedures do? Well, let’s take a look:

  • Breast Lift procedures are designed to give the breasts a more youthful, perkier appearance. In this way, breast lift procedures are designed to mitigate the signs of aging (over time, the breasts will droop thanks to the effects of gravity). A breast lift is a way to make the breasts look the way they used to—and for many patients, that’s an excellent thing!
  • Breast Reduction procedures are used when there is simply too much breast material. Over time, gravity drags the breasts down, and this can create excess tissue. Other times, the breasts are simply too large for a patient’s frame, and this causes pain in the neck and back (among other areas). By reducing the size of the breasts, surgeons are able to ensure patients feel less pain as a result of stress on their frame.

Looking Forward to More Innovation

This trend in breast procedures in 2016 is thanks in large part to constant innovation performed by surgeons across the world. Whether it’s a breast procedure in Minneapolis or Los Angeles, you’re taking advantage of all those who have come before you and who have made these procedures so effective useful. If you’re interested in what a breast procedure can do for you, contact your plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation.

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