Summary: While breast augmentation continues to be among the most popular aesthetic plastic surgery procedures in the United States, breast reduction procedures are also gaining quite a bit of ground. The reasons seem pretty obvious once you start thinking about them, as large breasts can cause all kinds of discomfort, especially in the back and neck regions. In fact, breast reduction procedures are among the highest in the country when it comes to the overall satisfaction of those who have elected to undergo the surgery.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Breast augmentation has long been a staple of the plastic surgery community, both in terms of practices and in terms of patients. And there’s no denying that there’s a cultural trend towards larger breasts as being more attractive. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the large breasted look is for everyone. In fact, one procedure that’s been gaining in popularity is called a breast reduction—and the procedure involves the removal of excess skin and tissue in order to make the size of the breast smaller than it was originally.

Now, many people balk at the very mention of the procedure: breast reduction, they may ask, why would you want to do that? Of course, many who would ask that question haven’t dealt with the negative consequences of overly large breasts: back pain, neck pain, ill-fitting clothes, restrictive clothes, and so on. With overly large breasts, it can be difficult to even find a bra that fits properly. And then, there’s the question of how overly large breasts might interfere with daily activities.

Lower Size, Bigger Score

In an extreme example, we can look at professional tennis player Simona Halep. Originally a size 34DD, when Halep was 17, she had breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of her breasts to a 34C. A drastic change, Halep’s new physique has, however, enabled her to increase her performance. She’s now the number third ranked female tennis player (at least, she was as of Wimbledon), ranked just ahead of Maria Sharapova.

A Few Provisos

Now, we should point out a couple of things about Halep’s case. First and foremost, she was a bit young. The age of 17 is always young for aesthetic plastic surgery. According to the website of the Clear Lake TX breast reduction experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, even in the case of this procedure, it’s always best to wait until the breasts have finished forming and maturing before considering plastic surgery. That said, Halep’s profession as an elite athlete certainly had something to do with the urgency of her procedure.

But Halep herself has said that even if she weren’t a tennis player, she still would have elected for a breast reduction. Clear Lake TX breast reduction patients have reported similar relief after surgery: less back pain, less neck tension, better fitting clothes, and, perhaps most of all, a sense of comfort in one’s own skin.

Big Benefits

The benefits of breast reduction simply can’t be overstated for those women who are uncomfortable—physically or emotionally—with their overly large breasts. Despite some misplaced pressure—mostly dished out by society at large—to somehow embrace their larger breasts, often the best decision is to undergo a reduction. Often, especially in older women or women who have nursed children, the reduction is paired with a breast lift, to return a youthful perkiness to your look.

Many Say it’s Worth it

It’s worth noting that breast reductions have an enormously high success rate and that most women report improved quality of life afterwards. According to plastic surgery social media site Real Self, breast reduction has a 96% “worth it” rating. That’s a higher rating than any other procedure on the site, including breast augmentation. It’s an easy argument, then, to say that breast augmentation has been doing a lot of good for a lot women.

So if you’re bothered by your larger breasts, remember that you don’t have to keep putting up with it. In that regard, Simona Halep can certainly be an inspiration—she’s successful, confident, and happy, and it’s likely that her breast reduction operation contributed at least somewhat to that state. A breast reduction operation can have life changing results—and almost always for the better.

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