athletics and breast augmentation

Summary: Athletes will often opt for a breast reduction surgery, especially if they’re playing at a particularly high and elite level. But what about breast augmentation? Is that an option for athletes, and if it is, will a breast augmentation alter their sporting prowess?

Wondering if Athletes Can Get a Breast Augmentation

It’s not uncommon to hear about athletes and breast reduction procedures. This is especially true of high-performing, elite athletes. In many cases, larger breasts simply get in the way and performance can be enhanced by downsizing those breasts. This makes breast reduction a pretty popular procedure for women athletes.

But does that mean athletes should not get a breast augmentation procedure? Clearly, it’s up to the individual patient—and much will depend on the emphasis one places on athletic activity. Maybe a better way to say ask this question is, will getting a breast augmentation affect an athlete’s performance?

Obviously this question is one that is quite personal. But let’s take a look at some general thoughts and insights about it. Can athletes get a breast augmentation? Let’s find out.

The Most Direct Answer is Yes

Okay, so the most direct answer to this question is simple: yes. Anyone that wants a breast augmentation procedure should feel free and able to get that procedure. For athletes, there might be some unexpected or interesting complications. And those complications develop for one simple reason: breasts just get in the way of everything.

  • Tennis: Breasts can impede one’s swing during tennis
  • Running: Overly large breasts can be a burden when running (both because of the weight and because of the bounce)
  • Contact sports: Breasts can be a sensitive area
  • Yoga: Even during yoga, breasts can interfere with some stretches due to their size and volume

This is not to say that any of these issues are insurmountable or that they in anyway impede the athleticism of anyone. Rather, it’s just to illustrate how, well, breasts of any size can kind of get in the way. It becomes easy to see, then, why patients might be hesitant to increase the size of the breasts. Will the inconvenience on the basketball or tennis court increase as well?

How Much Time Are You on the Court?

As with many things in life, much will depend on the weight you place on certain activities. According to the Northern NJ breast augmentation experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, the benefits of breast augmentation procedures are far reaching. Patients can experience a boost of confidence and self-esteem, more easily fit into desired clothing, and generally like the way they look a little bit better.

Patients, then, will have to balance that with their athletic desires. Which probably sounds a bit more dramatic than it really is. For very, very elite athletes, a breast augmentation may result in a slight decline of productivity—but only very slight.

For most people, there will be no difference in performance. And there are a few ways to help ensure that your larger breasts won’t mean lower scores:

  • Wear proper support—meaning a highly rated sports bra
  • The magnitude of increase will also have an impact, so it will at least in part depend on the final size of the breasts
  • The type of sport will also have an impact on the magnitude of the interference (if any)

In other words, there are plenty of factors that can influence the end result.

It’s Not All About Sports

Finding a highly qualified plastic surgeon who is aware of what you want and can help you get it will be a huge assist in this matter. In some cases, a surgeon with a lot of experience will be able to help you get the results you want without compromising your athletic prowess.

For most patients, the goal of the procedure and the time you want to spend doing athletics are not going to be mutually exclusive. Here’s what I mean by that: most people who aren’t playing sports for a living are playing sports for fun. And at that level of competition, a breast augmentation isn’t going to impede any of your abilities.

It’s true that larger breasts may matter—slightly—to those at the most elite levels of competition. But for the vast majority of women, having the body you want—and the bust you want—and the ability to play sports are not going to be mutually exclusive.

Breast augmentation has been shown to increase confidence and self-esteem, and it has an exceptionally high “worth it” rating on websites such as In other words, if you really want a breast augmentation, chances are it will be a good thing for you!

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