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Summary: It’s an important question: how can you choose the best medspa? With so many choices out there, it can be really quite confusing to know which direction you should go in. The solution is to make sure you have some time for research, so you can choose the best medical spa for your expectations.

Choosing the Best MedSpa For Your Needs

If you’re looking for an appointment, you might be wondering: how can you choose the best medspa with all those choices out there? It might be helpful to first describe what exactly a medspa is. Short for “medical spa,” a medspa is something of a modern novelty.

Medspas developed in the last dozen years or so as a way to combine cosmetic surgery with other aesthetic procedures—all in a comfortable environment. In other words, it’s a combination of a cosmetic surgery (medical) with a spa-like atmosphere (uh…spa, obviously).

The combination of these two elements has been remarkably successful over the past few years, with more and more medical spas cropping up around the country. There are many reasons for this, but the plethora of medspas can make it genuinely difficult for you to choose the best one. We might be able to help on that count.

Why Are MedSpas Popular?

In order to choose the best medspa, it might be helpful to know what makes certain medical spas popular in the first place. This can also give us some good guidance about what makes for a “good” medical spa—though that definition very well might change depending on what you’re looking for.

But there are a few primary reasons why medical spas are quite popular. Of course, there’s the obvious: they’re offering procedures that people want. It’s not just that medspas are offering a wide variety of procedures, it’s that they’re offering popular procedures. And that can be very enticing for patients.

But there are other aspects to medical spas that make them popular. Those characteristics might include:

  • A relaxed and luxurious atmosphere
  • Many procedures that offer quick or instant results
  • Many procedures that emphasize rejuvenation or relaxation in addition to youthful appearances
  • Access to a wide variety of procedures, injectables and techniques
  • Access to a wide variety of spa-like services (such as massage)
  • Cosmetic procedures performed under medical supervision

Every med spa is likely to be a little bit different, offering their own unique takes on various procedures. You’ll want to do a little bit of research to see whether there’s a medspa that lines up with what you’re looking for.

How Can I Find a Good MedSpa?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of news stories (local and national) about less than reputable businesses that call themselves “medspas.” Some of these institutions simply go out of business. Others have more issues with clients. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of medical spas produce excellent results for patients, so chances are even if you choose one at random you’ll be okay.

But there are some ways to help yourself feel better about your choices. Many patients of medical spas will first do a few things before making a selection:

  • Look at Reviews: You probably do this before trying out a new restaurant, so it makes sense to look at a few reviews before going to a new medical spa as well. There are plenty of places where you can look at reviews, Yelp and Google Maps being the most prominent. But since many medical spas also offer medical services, many might have reviews in places such as or Healthgrades. Be sure to check those sources as well!
  • Look for Surgeon Associations: Most reputable medical spas will either be closely associated with a plastic surgery practice or run by a cosmetic surgeon. This is important, because you can then check up on the surgeon (or surgeons, or practice) in question. An association with a surgeon is a strong way to ensure that you’re going to get medically sound treatment.
  • Schedule a Consultation: Just as with plastic surgery, scheduling a consultation at your med spa can help you get a feel for the practice. You certainly don’t have to commit to anything during your consultation (the same as plastic surgeons don’t make you commit during a consultation). Think of it as a kind of fact finding mission. A consultation is a great way to find out how you get along with the staff at a medical spa—and whether you like the overall vibe.

Finding the Right Medical Spa for You

During your consultation at a medical spa, you might also ask about specialties. Yes, most medspas offer a wide variety of procedures, but some of them have definite specialties. If those specialties line up with what you want, that could be a good thing for your procedure.

Remember, this whole process is about finding the right medical spa for you. And that means figuring out what you really want to achieve from the interaction. Sometimes, knowing how you can choose the best medspa means knowing what’s best for you.

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