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Summary: Can you get dermal fillers for your nipples these days? Turns out, you can. Some surgeons offer patients the ability to achieve a firmer, pointier look for their nipples, as popularized by celebrities like Kendall Jenner. It might not be ideal for all patients, and there could be some drawbacks to the procedure, but the request for a perkier silhouette is getting more and more popular. Dermal fillers for your nipples just might be the next big procedure, but it’s hard to tell at this point whether it’s a trend or a fad.

Can You Get Dermal Fillers For Your Nipples?

Even we were a little surprised at this latest turn in the dermal filler market, and we had to stop and ask ourselves: can you get dermal fillers for your nipples? Really? Nipple injections are gaining in popularity, but they might there might be some drawbacks for some patients. Apparently, the whole news cycle around nipple injections started because of a New York Post video in which a surgeon and patient discuss the procedure.

The patient in the video reports wanting to look like Kendall Jenner, the reality-TV celebrity who has been famously photographed with protruding nipples on several occasions. The appeal of the procedure, then, is quite apparent.

And, in some ways, it’s not all that different from other cosmetic surgery procedures–at least in terms of the end goals. The patient wants to look a certain way and the surgeon attempts to make that a reality. But can you get dermal fillers for your nipples and enjoy a good end result with a nice silhouette? Perhaps if we take a closer look at this procedure, we’ll be able to answer that question–although you should always check with your cosmetic surgeon before undergoing any new or novel procedures.

How Do Nipple Injections Work?

Nipple injections are not necessarily new, but they are certainly gaining in popularity quite suddenly. The purpose of this particular injection type is to make the nipples look as firm and erect as possible, creating a silhouette that patients find attractive and youthful. There are a few different ways to accomplish this, but the one that’s on the table right now involves dermal fillers.

When using a dermal filler, the injection is usually made directly to the target area. So, in this case, the nipple. There are some benefits and some drawbacks to this approach.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate results: The dermal filler will produce volume immediately.
  • Limited downtime: The patient will likely be able to return to normal activities right away.
  • A quick procedure: In most cases, these nipple injections can be performed in less than thirty minutes.
  • Desired results: In most cases, the dermal filler injection will provide patients with the nipple silhouette they’re after.

But there can be some drawbacks, particularly because of the location of the injections:

  • Nipples are particularly dense areas of tissue. There are a significant number of nerve endings in the area, in addition to milk glands.
  • In some cases, the filler can effectively clog up the milk glands, creating complications if one wishes to nurse while the filler is present
  • Injections can be particularly uncomfortable, due to the large number of nerve endings in and around the nipple.

There are alternative means to achieve the nipple silhouette that these injections offer, so discuss all of your options with your cosmetic surgeon before deciding which way to go, especially if there’s a chance you could find yourself pregnant in the next 24 months or so.

Are Nipple Injections Permanent?

And that brings up the next question about these nipple injections: How long do they last? In most cases, nipple injections using dermal fillers are not going to be permanent. For many patients, that’s a large part of the appeal–they have a certain amount of control over how long their new nipple silhouettes will last.

The duration of your results will depend almost entirely on the dermal filler selected for the procedure. Since there is no FDA approved filler for nipple injections, this is often left up to the cosmetic surgeon. Generally, however, patients can count on their nipple injection results to last somewhere around 24 months when using dermal fillers.

A Trend or a Fad?

At this point, with so little data, it’s difficult to tell whether these nipple injections will end up being a trend–with a long life–or a fad, quick to burn out. What’s more important than the popularity of the procedure is whether it can be performed safely time and again. Of course, every plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure might have drawbacks of some kind.

In the end, it’s up to the patient to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of these nipple injections. And it’s up to the surgeon to provide as much information as possible. So if this is something that interests you, be sure you schedule a long and thorough consultation. Can you get dermal fillers for your nipples? I didn’t think so, but it turns out you can.

For patients who want to achieve Kendall Jenner’s perky nipple silhouettes, that might turn out to be a nice surprise.

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