can you give plastic surgery as a gift

Summary: In general, there are some things you should never give as a gift: puppies, cats (pets in general), and, well, plastic surgery. But if you’re dead set on giving someone the gift of plastic surgery, we have some advice for you to follow. Of course, take this advice at your own risk!

Are You Wondering, Can You Give Plastic Surgery as a Gift?

Around this time of year, we always see the same question cropping up: can you give plastic surgery as a gift? That question, you know, makes sense. It’s the gift-giving time of year. There are plenty of holidays around the end of the year—plenty of holiday cheer to spread.

So does that holiday cheer include giving the gift of plastic surgery? On the surface of it, giving plastic surgery as a gift is great—you’re giving someone the ability to improve himself or herself. Right? Well, here’s the thing about giving plastic surgery as a gift: messaging matters.

Or, to put it another way: there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Giving plastic surgery as a gift really does require thinking about the right way to go about this transaction. It’s not like giving someone a video game or a new TV for the holidays. So let’s take a look at how you can successfully give someone plastic surgery as a gift this holiday season.

Tip #1: No Surprises

When we think of gift-giving, we often think of surprise gift-giving. That is, we tend to think of gifts as being best when they are surprises. That’s why we put wrapping paper on something. We enjoy watching someone open a gift and looking pleasantly surprised.

This is not how you should give the gift of plastic surgery. In fact, giving plastic surgery as a surprise is a definite no-no as far as we’re concerned. And the reason is pretty simple. You don’t want to give plastic surgery to someone who does not want it. And the only way to know (with certainty) whether they want it or not is to ask.

Even if they’re dropping hints, even if they’ve been pretty clear about what they want, you need that spoken confirmation. Trust us, communication is key here.

Tip #2: Do Not Give a Specific Procedure

This is, again, an area in which messaging is important. Have you ever gotten deodorant as a gift? I hope not, because the implication with that gift is that, well, you stink. The same logic can basically be applied to plastic surgery. If you give someone a breast augmentation for Christmas, the implication is that you do not like her breasts the way they are now.

And that can be a hurtful implication. In an effort to avoid such a moment (and ruin your holiday, for sure), we offer the following advice:

  • Give a plastic surgery gift card or gift certificate. Many surgeons will offer such a service.
  • If you can’t do that, then give cash. I know, giving cash on a holiday is kind of a bummer (it’s not very festive). But cash, accompanied by a thoughtful note (don’t mention a procedure in this note) can be a good combination.
  • It’s okay if you can’t afford to give an entire procedure. This is another great reason not to mention a specific plastic surgery procedure. Giving someone a contribution to a procedure, or a portion of a procedure, is still a valid and thoughtful gift.
  • Consider waiting until after the holidays. It’s okay to give a contribution to a procedure that isn’t necessarily associated with, well, “gift giving”
  • Make clear that there is no expectation of reciprocation (that is, your contribution does not entitle you to any enjoyment or satisfaction from the procedure—it’s all about the receiver of the gift!)

Consider Non Surgical or MedSpa Procedures

If you’re thinking about giving plastic surgery as a gift, it might also be a good idea to consider, well, thinking a bit smaller. Maybe you could give cosmetic surgery as a gift. Generally, cosmetic surgery involves smaller scale procedures—non surgical nose jobs instead of surgical nose jobs, Botox instead of facelifts, massage therapy instead of, well, something.

A gift certificate to a medical spa or a cosmetic surgery clinic gives a patient (or the recipient, in this case), many options. Again, you’re going to want to make sure this gift is actually wanted. Cosmetic surgery is quite similar to plastic surgery in that you definitely don’t want to give it to someone who isn’t receptive to it or who doesn’t want it.

So, yeah, you can give plastic surgery as a gift. But that’s a road filled with dangers and tribulations. If you can navigate your way down that road, it might be a good idea. But, tread carefully.

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