Summary: Can men get breast reduction surgery? It doesn’t sound like it’s all that common does it? But you’d be surprised. First and foremost, men do tend to have breast tissue (it’s just that we call it male breast tissue). And this breast tissue can often cause problems for men, both physically and emotionally. A process known as gynecomastia surgery is often employed to reduce the presence and strain of male breast tissue–and to give men a more masculine looking profile.

Can Men Get Breast Reduction Surgery as Well as Women?

Breast reduction is famous around the world for the relief it provides to women (especially women who are suffering from chronic neck and back pain). Can men get breast reduction surgery too? It might sound like something of a silly question, but the truth is that male breast reduction is a popular surgery in its own right.

The development of male breast tissue–or, rather, excess male breast tissue–is something called gynecomastia. See, all men have a certain amount of breast tissue naturally. That’s just the way everyone is made!

But there are some things that can happen throughout one’s life that causes an increase in breast tissue. And for men, that can mean a diminishment of what would otherwise be a masculine profile. Many men, therefore, can feel somewhat self-conscious about their breast tissue. And in those cases, breast reduction surgery–often called simply gynecomastia surgery–is employed in order to reduce the volume of male breast tissue. Can men get breast reduction surgery? Sure! And they do so more often than you might think.

What Causes Male Breast Tissue?

As we mentioned, male breast tissue is absolutely normal. And within that “normal,” there is another normal range of variability. Humans are all wildly different and there’s no amount of male breast tissue that is innately good or bad. Male breast tissue typically only becomes a problem when the man in question begins to feel uncomfortable with the aesthetics.

That’s not to diminish how impactful male breast tissue can be on someone’s life. And some people have to cope with significantly more breast tissue than others. What causes those changes? There might be a few factors:

  • Significant changes in diet can cause the development of male breast tissue
  • Losing a significant amount of weight might cause male breasts to develop (although these “breasts” might be composed primarily of excess skin and require a different approach to reduction)
  • In some cases, genetics plays a significant role. Some people are simply more predisposed to develop male breast tissue than others
  • Medications and hormones can sometimes cause reactions that will increase the amount of breast tissue present in men

Breast tissue development is, for example, fairly common in men who were previously quite athletic. And it also tends to happen later in life as part of the normal aging process.

How Can You Get a Breast Reduction?

In principle, gynecomastia surgery is not terribly different from other breast reduction procedures, though it can be significantly less invasive. Indeed, how invasive the procedure is depends on the desired final results. For men who have more breast tissue, a more invasive approach may be required.

Generally speaking, surgeons will eliminate excess tissue and perform liposuction when necessary. (It depends, of course, whether the breast tissue is primarily composed of excess skin, excess fat, or some combination of both.) Most patients will require some combination of liposuction and body contouring in order to get the final results desired.

What Are the Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery?

Men undergo this breast reduction procedure for a multitude of reasons, but most of those reasons have something to do with the aesthetics of their look. And that isn’t meant to diminish those reasons. Some of the benefits of gynecomastia surgery include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Boost in self-esteem; patients feel better about the way they look
  • A more masculine-looking profile
  • Improvements in neck and back pain that might be present

There are definitive benefits to gynecomastia surgery for patients; many patients finally feel comfortable enough to do things they’ve always wanted to (being at the beach without a shirt is one example that comes to mind).

So if you’re struggling with your own male breast tissue, be sure you talk to a plastic or cosmetic surgeon about what your options might be. Can men get breast reduction surgery? They sure can–and it just might be more common than you think.

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