Summary: By now it’s a famous cosmetic surgery procedure, but what can a non surgical nose job fix, really? Many patients have a wide variety of nose issues–that’s why they want a change in the first place. And while a non surgical nose job can’t make any functional changes to one’s nose, it can make some aesthetic changes. How those changes work–what your nose might look like–is often determined by your goals and what your cosmetic surgeon can help you do to meet them.

What Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Fix?

By now you’ve probably heard of the non surgical nose job. It’s not quite as young of a procedure as it used to be. Non surgical rhinoplasty isn’t the hip young kid it used to be. But that doesn’t mean this procedure isn’t still useful and popular. In fact, non surgical rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the planet. And that raises the question: what can a non surgical nose job fix?

That is, what are patients going to the cosmetic surgeon for? We’re looking for an answer that goes beyond the simple here, an answer that really get into the nitty gritty of what a non surgical nose job can actually accomplish. So, “making the nose more attractive” is true–but it’s also a more shallow answer than we’re looking for.

And it turns out this is a somewhat complex answer. The injection of dermal fillers can alter the nose in a significant number of ways, both subtle and bold. Sometimes patients have specific issues they’re trying to address. In other cases, surgeons will be trying to achieve a specific vision for a final look. In any case, to get a more detailed answer to this question, ask your surgeon: what can a non surgical nose job fix? That answer will be the best possible answer. In the meantime, we’re going to offer a quick look at some possibilities (this article, however, is not intended to be viewed as medical advice; it is written for entertainment purposes only).

Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Fix a Drooping Tip?

One of the most common requests from non surgical nose job patients involves treating a drooping tip. Now, a drooping tip isn’t all that uncommon. And it presents just like it sounds–the very tip of the nose tends to droop down. This can make patients uncomfortable with their noses or even with their smiles, depending on the way the nose and lips tend to interact.

A non surgical nose job procedure can be used to treat certain types of drooping tips. It’s true that not all droopy tip noses can be addressed by a non surgical approach. If you want your nasal tip rotated or significantly altered, surgery might be the best bet. But if you just need a minor change to improve the contours of your nose, non surgical nose job might be able to do that.

In this particular case, volume is added to a few key spots in the nose. This usually creates the look that patients who are seeking small changes are looking for.

Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Fix a Bumpy Nose?

Another one of the most common nose complaints is bumps. Now, a non surgical nose job can only ever add volume to the nose. It can’t actually subtract any volume (you need a surgical procedure to do that). So it seems counterintuitive to expect a non surgical nose job to address a bumpy nose.

But it turns out that, in some cases, a non surgical nose job can indeed fix a bumpy nose. And it does so by adding volume. Usually this volume is added around the bump (or bumps) in the nose in order to reduce the contrast between the bump and the rest of the nose. This creates the illusion that the nose is smoother (and more bumpless).

The non surgical nose job can’t remove any volume from your nose, but it can create the illusion that is has by adding volume in strategic places. That’s how a non surgical nose job can sometimes address bumps in the nose.

Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Fix a Scoop in the Nose?

If you don’t have a bump in the nose, maybe you’re dealing with a scoop in your nose. A scoop often occurs in the bridge of the nose–sometimes to the point where the bridge disappears altogether. Many patients, then, want a more defined bridge. This is something that non surgical nose job procedures excel at.

That’s because to address a scoop in the nose, non surgical nose job procedures aim to fill volume. That’s relatively easy for non surgical nose jobs to do–your surgeon just needs to ensure you end up with the right contours.

So if you’re looking to fill volume anywhere on your nose, a non surgical nose job might be able to help you do that. If you have any questions about what a non surgical nose job can and cannot do, be sure to talk to your cosmetic or plastic surgeon about what’s going to be the right fit for you and your goals.


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About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been helping plastic and cosmetic surgeons market their procedures for over twenty years. He specializes in helping surgeons communicate complex topics and procedures to potential patients and to anyone with a passing interest in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

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