Can Plastic Surgery Be Affordable?

As with any medical procedure, it’s frequently a bad idea to look for a “budget” plastic surgeon. Finding a surgeon to perform your cosmetic surgery is not like looking for lower gas prices or the most reasonably priced car on the market: It’s your body, and if you can only afford the surgery at a reduced cost, you’re asking for medical troubles, complications, or even worse.

Business Insider ran a piece just a few years back on this very problem, citing untrained doctors and society’s tendency to treat cosmetic surgery in a “dangerously casual” manner as part of a growing wave of budget plastic surgeons: “When liposuction is offered on a daily deals site alongside a haircut and a manicure, it’s easy to see why so many take plastic surgery too casually. These misconceptions can increase the risk of serious complications.” If you want to know more about the dangers of skimping out on your surgery, it’s an important article to read. At the end of the day, finding a board-certified surgeon who is tremendously experienced and has performed thousands of procedures is important for a number of reasons.

That being said, do you need to be wealthy to afford plastic surgery? Especially in today’s day and age, affording plastic surgery (and not a “budget surgeon, either!) is more manageable than ever before. There is financing available from a myriad of companies (be sure to discuss any financial decisions with a financial planner, though) that may be able to help provide the funds for a certified and effective surgeon. While this article isn’t a finance blog or a how-to guide on choosing which credit company to work with, we will provide a few different ways to defer or reduce the cost of altering your appearance. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s important to discuss this major financial decision with an expert familiar with your circumstances and the surgeon who will be performing your surgery. They’ll know the intricacies of your particular situation.

Is Plastic Surgery Always…Surgery?

Lately, many prospective patients have begun to explore the alternatives of altering their appearance with procedures that aren’t surgical. For example, the non-surgical nose job was invented by Dr. Alexander Rivkin in 2003 as a non surgical alternative to surgical rhinoplasty. As the Los Angeles non surgical nose job experts explain, “Before the procedure, there was only one way to change the appearance of the nose– surgery. Now, patients can get the nose they want in five minutes. Non-surgical rhinoplasty works by precise and strategic injections of dermal filler to alter the contours of the nose. These injections can be used to camouflage a bump, raise a drooping tip, augment a low bridge, and correct post rhinoplasty asymmetry.”

You guessed it: A non surgical nose job can produce similar results for a much lower cost than the typical $6,000 rhinoplasty cost. While there’s many variables when it comes to non surgical rhinoplasties (the local market, desired end results, etc.), using fillers instead of surgery can remove the barrier to a dream nose for many patients who can’t afford the $6,000 price tag. You can read more about the process of a non surgical nose job here, but what’s important to know is that these types of non surgical alternatives can save you time, money, and pain. Plus, as The Mirror notes after one of their beauty writers underwent a non surgical rhinoplasty, “Although there are possible side effects to any treatment – there was no down-time, no swelling or bruising and no pain. While, with a surgical nose job, you’re off work for at least a week or two, and the recovery is often very uncomfortable.”

Rhinoplasties aren’t the only surgical procedures with nonsurgical alternatives. In general, it may be possible to alter your physical appearance with fillers, injections, or other modern approaches that evade the knife and ease the strain on your wallet. If you know what you’d like to change aesthetically, chat with your surgeon’s office to find out if surgery is really your only option.

Does Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?

In most cases, the answer to this question is probably “no.” It’s rare that health insurance will contribute to a cosmetic surgery unless there are true, tangible health requirements that make the surgery necessary. On the other hand, there are certain jobs and positions that include cosmetic surgery as one of the benefits. These aren’t a dime a dozen, but if you’re interested in finding a job that might also pay for plastic surgery procedures, they do indeed exist. In fact, in Buffalo, New York, the public school system includes plastic surgery as a perk in each teacher’s contract (although this perk is being challenged in court, but it’s held up so far!). There is no co-pay for the teachers, so the school district foots the entire bill.

Finally, it’s worth checking with your insurance company to see if they’ll swing the cost if there’s medical benefits for you. Dr. Christopher L. Hess notes that, for example, breast reductions might be covered if they’re causing you serious back, neck, or shoulder pain. Small downsizes won’t count, but if a pound or more of tissue is being removed from each breast and your primary care doc has confirmed the necessity of the surgery, insurance may indeed cover the procedure (even though there will be aesthetic ramifications, as well).

If you have questions about financing your own surgery, finding a surgeon who is qualified to perform your procedure, or any other questions about the process of undergoing cosmetic surgery, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below, anytime! We’d be more than happy to help.

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