Summary: We all know that being a parent can take a toll. It’s hard work, and it’s often both unforgiving and unrewarding (at least, in many ways). But there’s a way to get some of that youth back. Rather than getting a breast augmentation in New Jersey and then liposuction in New York, for example, you can get a few procedures at once. It’s something called a mommy makeover, and it addresses a few key areas that are particularly affected by the biological processes involved in motherhood—not to mention the social ones.

Thanking Mom with Plastic Surgery

Being a mom is tough. Now that Father’s Day is behind us, and at a safe distance, we can begin again to shed a light on just how difficult being a mother is. This isn’t meant to diminish what Dads do, but rather to acknowledge and important truth: motherhood, through childbirth, is often tied to a woman’s body much more directly than fatherhood is tethered to a man’s body. We must also acknowledge that women are under considerably more pressure to be a “good mother” than men are to be a good father. This means that certain things are more likely to take a back seat with women: diet, exercise, careers, and so on.

And it all begins at pregnancy. The tissues of the stomach are stretched considerably in order to accommodate the child growing inside. This is, of course, obvious. What’s less obvious (and probably less talked about) is the fact that these tissues do not necessarily bounce back quite as easily. Indeed, as the body ages, the skin loses elasticity and, therefore, cannot shrink back to its original size quite as easily. This can leave many mothers, especially those who have borne multiple children, with a great deal of excess tissue around the belly area—excess tissue that is immune from exercise and diet of any kind.

Plastic Surgery to Make Mom Look Young Again

This is to say nothing about what childbirth itself does to the body. We’ll keep it short and sweet: childbirth is a trauma. Yes, it may always be worth it, but it’s incredibly painful and difficult on the body. Indeed, it’s one of the riskiest things that we routinely ask women to do. This means that there’s a long period of recovery from child birth. The body needs some time to rest and recovery—and that’s time that you don’t get to invest in exercising or keeping your abs toned. Of course, you’ll have a lot of other things to keep you occupied.

It’s important to discuss all of this because it adds some context to the “mommy makeover.” Now, it’s easy to dismiss the mommy makeover as a shallow endeavor or, perhaps, unnecessary. It’s true that not all mom’s—or all women, for that matter—require plastic surgery. Some are perfectly happy with their post-baby bodies. And we applaud those women, of course. But some women find themselves perpetually unhappy with an unfit appearance, if only because the excess skin can resemble excess flab.

Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction

We want to emphasize: this excess tissue is normal. There’s something to be said about accepting that you will never have your old body back. But for those women who miss the confidence and self-esteem boost that came with the pre-baby body, a mommy makeover can be a great way to get that feeling back because it addresses a few key areas where motherhood really takes a toll. Indeed, most mommy makeovers consist of three primary procedures: breast lift (or augmentation), liposuction, and a tummy tuck.

It may seem odd, at first glance, to focus on the breasts. But youthful breasts have certain characteristics: a certain amount of perkiness as well as a typical shape. Due to the stresses of breast-feeding (or even milk production) as well as the effects of gravity, the breasts of most of the mothers who come in for a mommy makeover have begun to sag and are certainly no long as perky as they were. A breast lift addresses these issues. Some women even elect to take it a step further and opt for a breast augmentation in order to increase the size of the breast and gain a little more control over the overall shape.

Mommy Makeover to Say Thanks

Mommy makeovers include liposuction and tummy tucks for complimentary reasons. The active life of a parent does not always include time to lose weight—and even if it did, they are simply some areas of the body that are difficult to target with diet and exercise. Liposuction removes the excess fat, especially around the belly, that would otherwise cause discomfort. The tummy tuck is the other half of the coin, eliminating excess tissue. This excess tissue, as mentioned above, cannot be removed through diet or exercise. In fact, plastic surgery is one of the only ways to eliminate excess tissue around the belly.

The point of mommy makeover procedures, after all, is to help the mom in question feeling younger, more confident, more energetic, more rejuvenated. We all know that being a parent can take a toll—a mommy makeover exists to get a little bit of those years back, at least in terms of how you look. And that’s better than nothing.

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