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Summary: Do celebrities inspire facial plastic surgery, and if so, how? It’s a good question, especially seeing as how celebrities seem to be very present in the plastic and cosmetic surgery spheres. So what’s the inspirational role of celebrities when it comes to plastic surgery, and how does that compare to, say, the role of Snapchat or other social media?

Do Celebrities Inspire Facial Plastic Surgery? Or is There More?

Celebrities seem to get plastic surgery all the time. But do celebrities inspire facial plastic surgery as well? That is, if celebrity A undergoes a facelift, do surgeons see a correlational rise in facelifts from their own patients? Well, the relationship isn’t quite that cut and dry. And inspiration is never that much of a straight line.

But there’s no denying the influence that celebrities have on the general population (that’s why they get paid so much money to be a spokesperson for a given product). And that influence can certainly be felt in the fields of facial cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Sometimes, it’s not even that a celebrity surgery has been an inspiration. Sometimes it’s the celebrities themselves that are the inspiration. In other words, it’s not that celebrity B got a nose job, it’s that celebrity B has a great nose–and that nose is used as a model for everyone else. It seems that celebrities inspire facial plastic surgery whether they’re going under the knife or not.

What Are Some Common Inspirations For Facial Plastic Surgery?

Celebrities, of course, aren’t the only place where people find inspiration. Facial plastic and cosmetic surgery patients all come in with a wide varieties of complex motivations, sometimes in part inspired by celebrities–but often, other factors contribute as well. For example:

  • Social media: We have talked quite a bit in the past about how powerful social media has become. In part, that’s because selfies are everywhere (in a way that can often reinforce how you already feel about the way you look). Social media should not be underestimated when it comes to its ability to influence and motivate plastic surgery, both for good and ill.
  • Social factors: If it’s not social media that inspiring you to undergo plastic surgery, it could very well be other social factors. After all, our whole concept of beauty is largely socially driven. So if you have a certain flaw or wrinkle or line you want to address, there’s some social meaning behind it.
  • Self image: Perhaps the strongest motivating factor when it comes to facial plastic surgery is one’s own self image. When your self image is out of alignment with what you see in the mirror, you can sometimes feel compelled to take steps to address that. Essentially, that’s precisely what plastic and cosmetic surgery is for: to bring your self image into alignment with what you see in the mirror.

These aren’t the only inspirations, of course. Most patients have a motivation that’s a kind of soup of various different factors all mixed together. In many cases, there’s no single inspiration that motivates people to finally undergo a procedure. But there are plenty of patients who do need one last push to have a procedure performed–and that can certainly come from a celebrity.

Celebrities and Facial Plastic Surgery

There are two ways that celebrities can inspire facial plastic surgery:

  • Through their own examples: That is, when a celebrity undergoes plastic surgery and achieves a very favorable result, it becomes easy to see how that would inspire further procedures from patients. Seeing a great facelift or blepharoplasty procedure might be a significant boost to someone who’s been thinking about undergoing facial plastic surgery.
  • Through their own anatomy: Sometimes we don’t have a great way of explaining what we want. Celebrities will often give us a shorthand for that. Patients can say, “I want Meghan Markle’s nose,” or “I want Scarlett Johansson’s lips.” And surgeons will instantly know what they mean. It’s a great way for patients to feel inspired in their looks and effectively communicate what they want their final results to look like.

It’s Still Your Face

Whether your facial plastic surgery is inspired by celebrities or by Instagram, it’s important to remember that it’s still, after everything, your face. Which means that you should and do have control over how it will look. For many people, wrinkles and lines aren’t going to be a problem. And their nose will be just fine. Don’t let celebrity plastic surgery procedures change that.

On the other hand, if there’s something about your face that you’d like to change or transform, celebrities that inspire facial plastic surgery can be a wonderful thing.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for nearly twenty years now. He is constantly communicating with surgeons to ensure that he’s presenting the most recent and up to date information.

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