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Summary: It’s been some time since the non surgical nose job made its auspicious debut, so we’re checking in on the non surgical nose job to see how it’s doing today. The media attention may have waned, but the popularity of this procedure hasn’t, and there are likely some very good reasons as to why this non surgical alternative procedure has stuck around as powerfully as it has for as long as it has.

We’re Checking in on the Non Surgical Nose Job

One of the most stunning new and innovative procedures of the early 2000’s was the Non Surgical Nose Job. The primary innovator of the procedure, Dr. Alexander Rivkin, was almost equally as famous, regularly making the rounds on morning and evening news shows to talk about the “fifteen minute nose job.”

For better or worse, the fifteen minutes of the fame the non surgical nose job seems to have passed. The procedure itself hasn’t disappeared, but the media attention around it certainly has. So where does that leave the non surgical nose job today?

We’re checking in on this procedure since it’s had time to settle down now. It’s no longer the hot shot innovative procedure it once was. Instead, it’s the tried, trusted, and true procedure that countless individuals have come to rely on. That might not seem quite as flashy, but that doesn’t mean non surgical nose job is any less important than it once was. Indeed, non surgical nose job procedures are still incredibly popular. Today, we’re checking in on the non surgical nose job to see how it has held up over time.

Working to Change Your Nose

Perhaps the most important thing to note about the non surgical nose job is, well, that it still works. And, in essence, the procedure works in just the same way as it ever did. Dermal fillers are injected into the nose, shaped by the cosmetic surgeon, in order to change the overall look of the nose.

The results are essentially immediate. Patients can see the overall shape change of the nose right away. And those results typically fade over the next eighteen to twenty-four months. Those results also tend to be quite subtle. That is, the filler can only do so much to change the overall nose.

But if you’re paying attention to the details–and most people are when it comes to their own noses–those results will definitely be noticeable. That said, non surgical nose job procedures have the same limitations they’ve always had. Most important of those limitations is the fact that a non surgical nose job is only ever able to add volume to the nose. (Though, it can create the illusion of a more streamlined nose, it can’t actually perform that task.)

What Do People Use Non Surgical Nose Job For?

All of which brings up a pretty simple question around the non surgical nose job: what do people really use it for? And do they use non surgical rhinoplasty to accomplish the same goals they always have? Or has the typical patient for this procedure changed over the years since its introduction?

Thankfully, that’s a fairly straightforward question to answer, though those answers will vary from patient to patient. Everyone has their own individual reasons for wanting to undergo a non surgical nose job procedure.

In many cases, a non surgical nose job is used to:

  • Improve the appearance of a drooping tip
  • Add volume to the bridge of the nose
  • Diminish the appearance of a bump in the nose
  • Add overall size to the entire nose
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of the tip of the nose

Has Non Surgical Nose Job Surpassed Surgical Rhinoplasty?

When the non surgical nose job burst onto the scene all those years ago, some expected it would quickly overtake its surgical cousin. That hasn’t happened, of course. Surgical rhinoplasty is just far too powerful, capable of making incredibly bold transformation. But I don’t really think non surgical rhinoplasty was ever trying to usurp its surgical counterpart.

Instead, non surgical nose jobs have been used mostly by patients who never would have considered surgery. In other words, it’s let a whole new group of people enjoy a transformation they never would have received otherwise.

Additionally, non surgical nose job has inspired a whole host of other non surgical procedures. Patients are clearly interested in the ability to achieve these transformations without the need to undergo surgery. So if you have questions about non surgical nose job–or about any non surgical procedure–talk to your cosmetic or plastic surgeon today.


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About the Author: Nick Engebretson is a cosmetic and plastic surgery marketer with over twenty years of experience helping surgeons connect to patients. He writes about cosmetic surgery because he finds the fields fascinating and constantly innovative.

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