Summary:  Playfully referred to as “chinplants,” chin implant procedures are seeing a dramatic spike in popularity. If your chin doesn’t have the definition that you wish it did, get on board with 2012’s hottest trend!

Move Over, Breast Implants!

As crazy as this may sound, when it comes to trends in the world of cosmetic surgery, doctors are referring to the “chinplant” craze as “the new breast implants.” With a 71% surge in popularity over the last few years, popular procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction don’t even compare. With the numbers continuing to grow, filling out your face and creating more definition to your chin is without a doubt the most common procedure patients are seeking in order to shine.

Chin Implants Are Making Their Mark

One of the biggest problems people who are unsatisfied with their chin encounter is that there is no natural way to bring definition to the area. Unlike with body contouring, which can sometimes be helped with diet and exercise, you cannot work out until your chin looks amazing. Men and women of all ages are realizing that the best way to enhance the look of their face and chin is by undergoing an implant procedure. Sagging skin under the jaw line can be eliminated during the surgery, making “chinplants” a great way to look younger and more defined.

Step By Step

The good thing about chin implants is that they are fairly simple to insert, and have a faster recovery rate than those procedures which place implants in other areas of the body. Often performed as an outpatient procedure, you may not necessarily need to be put under general anesthesia. This makes the whole process easier and contributes to a faster recovery. Doctors will let you know if your chin implant procedure will be simple enough to only require a localized anesthetic. The following three steps outline what you can expect from your “chinplant” surgery:

  • STEP ONE: Incision placement will vary from patient to patient and your doctor will decide which is best for you. Incisions made in the inner lip are concealed easier because they are on the inside of your mouth. Incisions made underneath the chin are also discrete and allow for a bigger pocket.
  • STEP TWO: The pocket is created under your jaw bone. In order to fit your selected implant, this pocket may be bigger or smaller depending on your needs. Doctors will help you select the implant that is the right one necessary to achieve the amazing look you are hoping for.
  • STEP THREE: After the implant is put in place, you will be sutured up. The stitches used should dissolve about 10 days after surgery, and it is during this time that your healing process begins. Full recovery will be made within weeks of your surgery and any swelling or bruising that may occur during this time will subside quickly.

Keep Your Chin Up

You can rest assured that chin implants are the best choice when it comes to defining your face and adding shape to your chin. There are no natural ways to enhance this area, so implants are not only the most effective way, but also one of the easiest. Whether you want to look like a celebrity on the red carpet, or just the best version of yourself that you can be, a board certified surgeon will help you discuss your options for a gorgeous new chin!

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