Summary: It’s possible to get too much of a good thing. We know this. It’s even possible to eat too many fruits and vegetables or drink too much water. And if that’s possible, then it’s certainly possible that cosmetic surgery can come in quantities too big for its own good. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a cosmetic surgery slippery slope out there. (Indeed, the slippery slope is a logical fallacy—it doesn’t make any sense.) That hasn’t stopped some—celebrities in particular—to suggest that Botox may be something of a gateway procedure. The evidence doesn’t seem to bear this out, however.

Is Botox a Gateway Procedure?

Cosmetic procedures can have a pretty broad appeal. They can be quite potent and effective. Botox or dermal fillers can literally make wrinkles disappear (or close enough) and lasers can make your skin look more clear and more youthful. In other words, cosmetic procedures can work like a charm. They’re even beginning to compete with surgical procedures for patients—the surgical and non-surgical nose job have been competing for some time now. It’s hard to deny that these non-surgical procedures have been growing in popularity. And it’s even more difficult to deny that these procedures are generally pretty effective.

To make these procedures even more appealing, they’re also incredibly easy to have performed. Unlike plastic surgery, there’s no painful recovery, no long period of waiting for swelling to subside, no general anesthesia. Many non-surgical procedures involve nothing more invasive than a couple of simple injections. These injections often take as little as ten minutes to administer, meaning that patients can be in and out of office in a matter of minutes. Combined with the lack of recovery, this has caused these non-surgical procedures to often be called “lunch break” procedures (or some similar formulation of the words). Compare that to the lengthy procedures that traditional, surgical plastic surgery offers.

Getting Off the Cosmetic Surgery Slippery Slope: Trust Your Cosmetic Surgeon

But the relative ease of cosmetic surgery procedures has led some to the concern that cosmetic surgery may offer a kind of “slippery slope.” Renowned actress Jennifer Anniston is the latest to make this accusation, and I can certainly see where she’s coming from. To someone who is not terribly familiar with plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, the ease with which they can be accomplished could make them seem almost too good. (Not too good to be true, mind you, just too good.) And we all know that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

To be fair to Jennifer Anniston, it is entirely possible to go too far with cosmetic procedures. It’s possible to get too much Botox and it’s possible to get too much Juvederm. It’s also definitely possible to get too many laser skin treatments. Too much of any of these can lead to an appearance that is less than desirable. But this isn’t new. This is something that, in fact, most cosmetic surgeons will be the first to tell you. The quickest way to get sub-par results is to overdo any of the typical treatments.

Find a Cosmetic Surgeon Who Will Say No

The solution is to find a cosmetic surgeon you trust. Most cosmetic surgeons worth their salt are very perceptive to patient needs, and will be quite hesitant to over-medicate. That is, most cosmetic surgeons will be incredibly hesitant to give you more Botox than they think you need. Yes, as the patient, you’re ultimately in charge of how you look, but no cosmetic surgeon wants to be responsible for an end result that simply doesn’t work. Of course, if you’re getting work done somewhere else and you’re not telling your surgeon, that’s on you. Although, I should point out just how rare that is. It is, in fact, very rare.

I think part of this perception of cosmetic surgery as slipper slope also comes from the fact that most of these cosmetic procedures are temporary be design. Procedures such as the non-surgical nose job or even Botox and dermal fillers are generally designed to last for a number of months at the most. This means that if you like the way you look after your procedure you will by nature have to come back to get maintenance injections if you want to keep that look.

The Goal is to Make You Look More Youthful—and to Make it Look Natural

In general, the goal of cosmetic procedures is to help you look more youthful and rejuvenated. That only works as intended when the results look natural. And, of course, if you overdo it, things won’t look natural. In these cases, overdoing it can really compromise your results. The better course of action, whether you’re looking for Minneapolis Botox or the best LA Botox in the world, is to trust the cosmetic surgeon that will tell you no. It may not always be want you want to hear, but that’s when you know you’ve got a cosmetic surgeon who will put your health and wellbeing ahead of a few extra bucks for his practice.

After all, expertise is what you pay a cosmetic surgeon for. If you were the expert (and you’re not), you wouldn’t need a cosmetic surgeon. Well, trust us when we tell you that you do indeed need a cosmetic surgeon—and if you don’t want to go down that “slippery slope,” you’ll listen tot hat cosmetic surgeon.

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