Summary: Breast augmentation alternatives vary in terms of desired result and in terms of technique. Sometimes you want a change in your breasts’ orientation rather than their size. In other cases, you want an alternative implant type. Many of these breast enhancement options are currently available, so depending on what your goal is, there’s likely a breast augmentation alternative for you.

What Are Some Breast Augmentation Alternatives?

Breast augmentation was the most popular procedure performed by American plastic surgeons in 2017. It wasn’t even close. But that doesn’t mean that patients aren’t looking for and seeking out breast augmentation alternatives. Indeed, breast augmentation alternatives are pretty popular in their own right.

Sometimes known simply as “breast enhancement procedures,” we can breast down breast augmentation alternatives in two distinct ways:

  • A procedure might be a breast augmentation alternative in terms of goal: you don’t want larger breasts, necessarily. You want breasts that are different and transformed somehow, but not necessarily larger.
  • The second way a procedure might be a breast augmentation alternative is in terms of technique. For example, a fat graft breast augmentation might be seen as a kind of breast augmentation alternative (even though it’s more of a breast implant alternative).

For the sake of clarity and completeness, we’ll be taking a look at both types of breast augmentation alternatives today. The one that’s best for you will likely depend almost entirely on what your goals are and how you want your body to look when everything is said and done. In other words, whether you’re in Los Angeles or Minneapolis, breast augmentation is completely and totally up to you.

Alternatives When it Comes to Goals

We can start by looking at some breast augmentation alternatives by way of the goals that some patients have. Maybe you want your breasts to look more youthful, more buoyant, even smaller. But a larger size isn’t necessarily the goal. There are several procedures performed by plastic surgeons today that can help these patients achieve their goals.

  • Breast Lift: In general, a breast lift is not designed to increase the size of the breasts. Instead, a breast lift is intended to change the breasts’ orientation. Over time, gravity can force the breasts to sag and droop, and many patients consider this an unflattering sign of aging. A breast lift can correct that sag and return the breasts to a much more youthful orientation. For many patients, it’s a great way to feel young again.
  • Breast Reduction: It’s not entirely uncommon for breasts to increase in size with age (or due to simple genetics). That extra size can cause all kinds of issues, including chronic neck and back pain. A breast reduction can diminish that pain as well as make the patient look younger and more energized again. Breast reduction procedures are popular among a wide variety of patients–they aren’t just confined to older patients by any stretch of imagination.

There are plenty of patients who will seek to combine both of these procedures, undergoing a breast lift and a breast reduction at the same time in order to achieve the best transformation possible.

Alternatives When It Comes to Technique

The most common and realistically viable alternative to a traditional breast augmentation procedure is some type of fat graft breast augmentation. These fat graft procedures are fundamentally different than traditional approaches because they use your body’s own fat as a kind of implant.

Essentially a surgeon will perform a liposuction procedure and remove unwanted fat from somewhere on your body. That fat is then purified and injected into the target area (in this case the breasts). The injected fat increases the volume of the breasts, effectively creating the augmentation.

Fat graft breast augmentation isn’t for everybody (there are a few drawbacks). But for some patients, it can make a great alternative to the more traditional breast augmentation procedure.

Finding the Best Breast Augmentation for You

Ultimately, the real goal of any breast augmentation procedure or breast augmentation alternative is to help you feel more comfortable and more confident with your body. Sometimes, that requires a procedure such as a breast lift. In other cases, a fat graft breast augmentation may be your best way forward.

Most patients finally settle on a course of action only after they’ve had at least a few discussions with their plastic surgeons. During your consultation, for example, you’ll be able to articulate your goals and desired outcomes to the surgeon, who will then suggest the best way to achieve that.

These alternatives simply mean that you have options–and the more options you have, the better you’ll be able to make decisions about whether a breast augmentation or one of these breast augmentation alternatives is the right course of action.

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