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Summary: What are some common motivations for breast enhancement surgery? Well, it depends on the procedure. Breast enhancement can include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and more. And the motivations for each procedure will change depending on what the patient actually wants.

What Are Common Motivations for Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement is among the most popular plastic surgery procedure set in the world. But what are common motivations for breast enhancement surgery? Why are patients drawn to these particular procedures in such large numbers? Answers to that question can be complex, in part because breast enhancement can mean many different things.

To some patients, a breast enhancement will mean increasing the size of the breasts (a breast augmentation). To other patients, breast enhancement will mean a reduction or a lift. It all depends on the issue the patient is trying to address and how the patient best feels she can get there.

Each procedure, additionally, has its own set of motivating factors for patients. It should come as no surprise that a breast augmentation patient will have distinctly different motivations from a breast reduction patient. After all, that’s essentially the entire idea behind the procedures. So if you’re thinking about a breast enhancement surgery, talk to your plastic surgeon about your motivations and your options. Common motivations for breast enhancement surgery still need to be framed within the personal context of each patient.

Common Motivations for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the single most popular plastic surgery procedures year after year. The reason behind that, ultimately, comes down to the patients. Patients want this procedure–and they want it for a combination of reasons:

  • Breast enlargement is not something that can be accomplished very easily via natural means. That makes surgery a particularly appealing option.
  • Modern silicone breast implants look and feel quite natural, especially when compared to older models.
  • Most breast augmentation patients are not seeking out a significant increase in size; instead, they usually want only a modest enlargement of the breasts.
  • Breast augmentation procedures usually tend to have a short recovery window, which means patients can be back to their normal activities in short order.

I suppose one could look at that list and still not find a true motivation for breast augmentation, but much will come down to the patient. Patients want to fit into their favorite clothes, feel confident with their bodies–feel comfortable with who they are. For certain patients, a breast augmentation is how they do that, how they finally look more like their self image.

Common Motivations for Breast Reduction

It’s funny, another of the most common plastic surgery procedures is breast reduction. This procedure, obviously, is entirely different from breast augmentation. And, therefore, patients tend to have entirely different motivations:

  • Breast reduction patients are usually looking to eliminate excess mass from the breasts
  • This is often because chronic neck and back pain is often caused by this excess breast tissue.
  • Eliminating excess breast tissue can also make the patient achieve certain body contours and appear more youthful.

Patients who wish to undergo breast reduction procedures are often motivated by a mix of aesthetic and health-related reasons. But they also want to achieve the same basic thing as any other plastic surgery patient: they want to feel comfortable with and confident in their bodies.

Common Motivations for Breast Lift

Breast lift procedures are somewhat unique in that patients who undergo either a breast augmentation or a breast reduction will also sometimes undergo a breast lift as well. This procedure appeals to a wide variety of patients, as it corrects issues related to the orientation of the breasts. Usually, breast sag is a sign of aging, and breast lift can make the breasts appear perkier and more youthful.

Sometimes common motivations for breast enhancement surgery can be somewhat universal, applying to breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction. Generally speaking, patients want to feel good about the way they look–they want that confidence and self esteem that comes from looking like their self-image.

Individual Factors and Motivations

But there are individual factors at work, too. Generally speaking, plastic surgery is most effective when patients actually want plastic surgery. And that’s something important to consider. In other words, common motivations for breast enhancement surgery are not the only motivations for that surgery.

If you have questions about what a breast enhancement procedure can do for you and your body–whether you’re considering an augmentation, a lift, or a reduction–contact your plastic surgeon for a consultation. You’ll be able to ask and have answered all the questions you want about these procedures.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for nearly twenty years. He’s constantly talking to plastic and cosmetic surgeons to ensure his information is up to date and accurate.

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