Summary: It’s not uncommon for patients to desire cosmetic procedures with instant results. But sometimes, the results you’re looking for aren’t something you can achieve in the blink of an eye. Some results take time. But other results, by their nature, do tend to show immediately (or effectively so). What are those cosmetic procedures with instant results? Let’s take a look!

Some Cosmetic Procedures with Instant Results

Sometimes, you just want to see your cosmetic surgery results right now. You don’t want to wait for recovery or for anything to slowly take effect. You want it and you want it now. That’s not all that unusual–and it’s not even all that difficult to achieve. There are several cosmetic procedures that can produce instant results for patients.

Or, at least, nearly instant results. How quickly you see your results will vary from patient to patient and procedure to procedure. And, of course, how quickly results show up should never be your one criteria for selecting a procedure.

Every decision you make in terms of what procedures to undergo and which ones to avoid should be made in consultation with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Clearly, results will be one of the most important criteria–and what you want your desired end product to look like. This article is not intended to replace medical advice–so make those decisions in consultation with your surgeon. If you are, however, looking for instantaneous results, there are some procedures on the market that can deliver results with no downtime (or waiting).

Non Surgical Nose Job

The non surgical nose job, a non invasive alternative to surgical rhinoplasty, will often produce instant results–at least to a degree. That’s because non surgical nose job procedures are accomplished using an injection of dermal fillers. These fillers will vary–depending on your desired results and your personal physiology.

However, whichever dermal filler is used, once the filler is injected, the shape of the nose will change. As the filler is injected, it volumizes the target area. The more volume that’s added, the larger that part of the nose will become. Surgeons can also–to an extent–mold the injected filler.

All of this yields instant results. If you go in for a non surgical nose job, you will leave with a differently shaped nose than what you walked in with. And for many patients, that’s precisely the appeal. Results will wane over time–injected results will typically last roughly 18-24 months, depending on the filler of choice. But patients who like their results can get regular maintenance injections if they want those results to stick around.

Injectable Fillers

So maybe it’s not a surprise that the second item on our list is the injectable fillers themselves. These fillers, from Juvederm to Voluma to Radiesse, are typically employed to minimize wrinkles and lines around the face. During a typical injectable filler procedure, a patient would come in, get a few injections, and leave–the whole process might take as little as fifteen minutes.

And at least partial results will be visible immediately. When that filler takes up space, you’ll see the volume beneath your skin change–which means those lines and wrinkles will diminish immediately. There are other effects from fillers (such as the way those fillers encourage various rejuvenating chemicals in your skin) that take longer to see. But you should be able to see this immediate impact of filling volume.

In other words, you’ll start off looking slightly more youthful–and continue to look even more youthful until the effects of the fillers begin to wane.

Facial Peels

There’s a group of procedures known as facial peels. These peels will typically use some sort of abrasion in order to clear out pores and make your skin feel refreshed. The most popular peel procedure is called a “hydrafacial,” and it focuses on clearing out those pores and removing any kind of debris from your skin.

Typically, patients will immediately feel as though their skin has refreshed and relaxed after a hydrafacial treatment. They may even see a little bit of improvement in terms of spots, lines, and wrinkles in the face. But the primary benefit of these peels is how your skin feels–at least, immediately. That may change over time–your rejuvenating skin might begin to appear more youthful as well. But that particular transformation may not be immediate.

Talk to Your Surgeon

If you need results right away, you do have options. But you really should take some time to weigh whether those options really are right for you. Sometimes the best results are those worth waiting for.

Then again, in some cases, you get the best of both worlds. You get immediate results that also just so happen to be the results you would have waited for. That really is the ideal circumstance.

So spend some time talking to your surgeon about what your options are. The sooner you talk to your surgeon, the sooner you’ll get to see what those results are.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly in touch with surgeons to ensure he’s communicating about with the latest and most accurate information possible.

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