Summary: A lot of women suffer from unsightly blue, red, or flesh colored varicose veins known as “spider veins.” Luckily, there is a non-surgical way to reduce the appearance of these veins just in time for summer.

Spider Veins Are the Worst

There’s no doubt that spider veins are the worst. They can ruin your summer by making you live in shame and cover your legs when everyone else is dawning shorts at the beach. Stop worrying, and let your body shine! With advancements in cosmetic surgery technology and procedures, doctors have developed a way to reduce the appearance of spider veins in a less invasive way, non-surgically! Varicose veins may have stopped you in the past, but this summer, it’s your time to shine. Get rid of your red, blue, or flesh colored veins easily, and with little downtime.

The Non-Surgical Trend

In the world of cosmetic surgery today, the biggest emphasis is being placed on procedures that are considered “non-surgical.” Typically this term refers to any procedure that doesn’t require the patient to be put under general anesthesia. This has a lot of benefits because it means that there is less risk to the patient, and because of the less-invasive techniques, the recovery time is a lot shorter. This is a big selling point, right? Will summer approaching, you’ll want your veins to disappear before bikini weather! When you’re researching all of your cosmetic surgery options, whatever the procedure, keep an eye out for the options considered “non-surgical.” They’re the best bet you have for a recovery that will get you back in the spotlight faster.

Sclerotherapy Is the Non-Surgical Way

Now that you have it in your head that non-surgical is the way to go, you will be happy to know that Sclerotherapy, the most popular vein treatment today, is non-surgical! There are major benefits to seeking out this technique over the use of simple compression garments. Your veins will begin to fade a lot faster due to this 3 step process:

  • Step One: Doctors inject the vein with a liquid chemical. This material will then cause your vein walls to stick together by swelling, and then they will seal shut! Remarkable! This process stops blood flow to the area, and your veins will simply turn to scar tissue.
  • Step Two: Watch your veins fade. This non-surgical treatment can be done in a doctor’s office and regular activity can be resumed almost immediately. This fast recovery is just one of the major benefits of sclerotherapy.
  • STEP THREE: Repeat. It’s possible your veins will need to be treated more than once in order to achieve optimal results. By combining this vein therapy with traditional compression garments, you can expedite the process.

Watch Your Veins Disappear By Summer

By using a non-surgical procedure to reduce the appearance of red, blue, or flesh colored spider veins, your legs could be ready to be shown off by summer! While researching treatments in your area, the doctor you choose will be able to inform you of all the ins and outs of sclerotherapy. While traditional compression garments alone may help your appearance a little, in order to hurry the process along in time for bikini weather, your best bet is a highly effective non-surgical injection process. You have nothing to lose here but the same associated with your unsightly varicose veins.

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