Summary: While we often hear about women increasing the size of their breasts through breast augmentation surgery, a less reported—but still incredibly important—surgery is called breast reduction. Patients are increasingly opting to decrease the size of their breasts, and the reasons are perfectly understandable. Overly large breasts can cause back and neck pain, and they can also draw unwanted attention. Recently, Modern Family star Ariel Winter opted to undergo her own breast reduction surgery, and she’s been raving about the results. This lines up with the experiences of other women who have opted for to pursue breast reduction benefits.


Introducing Some Breast Reduction Benefits

We hear a lot about breast augmentation procedures, and for good reason. They’re popular. And many women are drawn to the appeal of having larger breasts and fitting into a certain proportion type. It’s important to note, however, that larger breasts are not always the goal. It’s worth talking about breast augmentation’s lesser known cousin, the breast reduction. At first, many people (mostly men) scoff at such a notion: who would want smaller breasts? But the fact of the matter is that breasts that are too large for a frame can be, well, a drag—both literally and figuratively. There many negative consequences of breasts that are too large.

These extra-large breasts tend to be natural, of course. Take, for instance, Modern Family star Ariel Winter, who herself recently underwent a breast reduction procedure. Her stated reasons were complexly understandable. Even though she is only 17, Winter’s breasts were a 32F bra size—huge for her frame. And she found that, in addition to the back pain and the neck pain those large breasts caused, they also drew much unwanted attention, especially from the paparazzi (again, even though she is under age). It’s understandable, given all the pain and unwanted attention Winter was receiving, that she would want to change the size of her breasts.

Keeping Everything in Proportion

Just as with a breast augmentation procedure, this is usually all about creating a more reasonable proportion for the body involved. At 17, Winter is unlikely to have a sudden growth spurt and get much taller. Therefore, her plastic surgeons are quite reasonable in changing her proportions. According to information out there on the internet, Winter’s breast size shrunk down to a 34D. That’s a significant loss of weight and volume and, therefore, a significant improvement in terms of the pain Winter was undoubtedly feeling.

Indeed, most women who undergo a breast reduction procedure report similar results. The procedure, after all, eliminates a good deal of weight from the equation. Women with overly large breasts tend to have extreme back and neck pain caused by the weight of those breasts. That strain and pain only gets worse as the women age and gravity starts to cause the breasts to sag. This sag, in turn, increases the pull of the breasts on the neck, shoulders, and back—increasing the pain and fatigue that goes along with that. For these women, breast reduction surgery is one of the only ways to get relief.

The Breast Reduction Procedure and Breast Reduction Benefits

The surgery itself is usually performed on an outpatient basis, but in a surgery suite or hospital setting, depending on the surgeon. General anesthetic is used, and while sometimes an overnight stay in a hospital may be warranted, usually the patient can return home the same day. Excess tissue is removed during surgery and sometimes, especially for patients older than Ariel Winter, a breast lift is simultaneously performed. During a breast lift, the breast is positioned in a more youthful, perkier orientation. Again, as women age, gravity tends to pull the breasts downward—a breast lift procedure is designed to correct that.

Women get breast reductions and breast lifts on a fairly regular basis—that is, it’s a fairly popular procedure. But it’s not talked about nearly as often as a breast augmentation is. Partly that’s because it’s not as immediately noticeable as, say, a breast augmentation. It might be easier to hide a reduction. But part of it is cultural as well. That’s why it’s nice that Ariel Winter is so open about hers. When breast reduction is more pronounced in the cultural consciousness, it makes it an option for more and more women. The more we talk about it, the more women will think about it.

A High Rating

According to the website of the Englewood, New Jersey breast reduction experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, women can develop large breast tissue for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s hereditary, sometimes it’s due to losing weight, and sometimes it is simply the effects of gravity (less often, but still occurring, it is because of breast augmentation procedures). It could even be due to childbirth and child rearing. In any case, however they develop and at whichever point they become problematic, there is surgery available to help mitigate the pain and suffering.

Indeed, if you look at plastic surgery social media website RealSelf, you’ll notice that breast reduction has among the highest “worth it” ratings on the site. Many women love the lack of pain and strain that comes with smaller breasts—and it’s hard to blame them. It might not get talked about as much as breast augmentation, but it’s still an exceptionally important procedure.

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