Summary: One of the most popular procedures of all time is the breast augmentation—known more colloquially as the “boob job.” When a procedure has such a long history, it can be easy to assume that it’s done developing. But boobs jobs are constantly innovating. In fact, we expect to see a lot of innovation in the Boob job in 2017.

Where Will Breast Augmentation Go Now?

Are Americans ready for the Boob Job in 2017? Okay, they probably are. The fact of the matter is that plastic surgery has become such a well documented, public arena that there’s little that surgeons can do to shock anyone. It still happens, of course. But the boob job (known medically as a breast augmentation) in 2017 probably won’t be it.

Still, this is a brave and novel year. You don’t really know what’s going to happen. The 2017 Boob Job could shock the world. But it’s more likely that this procedure will continue doing what it’s been doing: giving women fantastic results. Here’s the thing about the Boob Job in 2017: the dictating force is (as it always has been) the desires of the women who want the procedure.

That will undoubtedly lead to some changes in the coming year. There always are. But those changes will be guided by the needs and desires of patients (sometimes filtered through their surgeons, of course). So what does 2017 have in store for the Boob Job? Let’s find out!

The Emphasis of Breast Augmentations in 2017

As always, there will be several areas of emphasis in the development of new breast augmentation techniques in 2017. I should say that I’m using the word “techniques” pretty loosely here (and not using it in the true surgical sense). What I mean is simply that there will definitely be some exciting innovations when it comes to this procedure.

Those innovations are likely to focus on three separate areas of emphasis:

  • Minimizing Invasiveness: One of the most important areas in which surgeons are currently innovating is in trying to make procedures less invasive. The less invasive a procedure is, the faster recovery and (often) the better the results. This is challenging with breast augmentation because, at the very least, you have to be able to insert the breast implant. But there’s little doubt innovation will continue.
  • Finding New Implant Materials: The most popular and effective breast implant material is silicone. It’s been that way for many years. But lately, patients have been interested in materials such as autologous fat (that is, fat from your own body). It’s likely that fat graft techniques will continue to be quite popular and give rise to other less invasive but still effective implant materials.
  • Speeding Up Recovery: Many boob job patients are understandably eager to get back out there and show off their new proportions. Speeding up recovery is something that surgeons are focused on because not only does it improve outcomes, but it also improves patient satisfaction. I wouldn’t be shocked to see stories about new techniques that do exactly this.

The Trend Towards Non Surgical Procedures

Will the Boob Job of 2017 be the non surgical boob job? I ask that question because the prevalence of non surgical procedures seems to be rising. You can get a non surgical facelift or a non surgical nose job. You can get non surgical liposuction (sort of, with CoolSculpting). It’s true that none of these procedures are quite as potent as their surgical counterparts, but they do offer patients an alternative if they aren’t all that interested in scalpels.

So is a non surgical boob job a thing? Well, sort of. There are some surgeons who offer “weekend breast augmentation.” Essentially, saline is injected into the breasts, increasing their size. For some women, this is a great way to take larger breasts out for a “test drive” or to increase their bust size for a special event.

But the injections are expensive. And the results only last 24-48 hours. In other words, it’s a lot of buck for a little bang. It’s true that to some patients, this will be worth it. And that’s why I’d expect to see more non surgical Boob Jobs in 2017. I don’t know that those non surgical boob jobs will involve saline injections, however.

It is important to note that a fat graft breast augmentation is not a non surgical procedure. The injection of the fat is, technically, “non surgical.” But the removal of the fat involves liposuction, and that’s definitely a surgery you’ll have to prepare for.

The Future is Exciting

We like thinking about the boob job in 2017 for the simple fact that the future is an exciting place. We’re hoping to see:

  • More techniques
  • More non surgical options
  • Less invasive options for patients
  • Faster recovery times
  • More implant options

Whatever 2017 brings, we’re sure that it will lead to happier patients and better results!

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