Summary: Tattoos are awesome, but sometimes we get some ink that isn’t quite what we wanted (or maybe didn’t stand the test of time.) Laser tattoo removal is here to help.

Terrible Tattoos

A lot of us have been there. I really loved him! I was on vacation! I was only 18! Whatever the excuse, its very possible that you have a tattoo you maybe wish you didn’t. It is okay to admit! While we get ideas with the idea that they are “permanent,” as luck would have it, they don’t have to be. If you are sick of covering up a bad mistake, there are absolutely steps that can be taken. With laser tattoo removal you can get that awful ink off your skin once and for all! (We urge you not to go all Johnny Depp and change your tat to “Wino Forever” though…)

Minneapolis Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is offered all across the country, but Minneapolis plastic surgeons are some of the best when it comes to this procedure. Dr. Richard H. Tholen has been a local, national, and international speaker, instructor, and physician educator in advanced laser techniques and knows how to remove tattoos. A few important facts he’d like you to consider are:

  • Advanced lasers can reduce scarring or skin pigmentation changes in up to 90% of cases, There is still a possibility of these side effects occurring, however.
  • More than one treatment session is necessary for maximum ink removal, and it is highly suggested that you wait 4-5 weeks between treatment sessions.
  • It is impossible to predict an exact number of laser treatments needed for maximum removal. Your skin tone, size, age and color of your tattoo are all factors that may increase or decrease your number of procedures needed.
  • Careful wound care is as essential as choice of laser tattoo removal doctor. Taking care of yourself and your skin will ensure that you get the best laser tattoo removal results possible.
  • You will be asked to avoid sun exposure or tanning until your laser tattoo treatment process is finished.

Taking the Next Step

We promise you that laser tattoo removal is not as scary as getting a tattoo. There are no needles involved, and while the results will be permanent, your skin shouldn’t be damaged to the point where you couldn’t get another tattoo in the same area if you choose. If you got a little too tipsy one night in Cancun and came home with a Tweety Bird that you wish would stop looking at you like that, check out laser tattoo removal in your area. In the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, try

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