Summary: Everyone is looking for less invasive, quick fixes for their cosmetic imperfections. One of the many new uses for injectable fillers can achieve just that- trust us, your nose will thank you.

Changes to Your Nose

Rhinoplasty is a great option if your nasal imperfection is severe, but if your problems are less noticeable, a less invasive option for correcting it may be the answer. If you have only a small flaw to fix, the same facial fillers that you have been using to smooth out your wrinkles may be able to come to your rescue yet again. Using derma fillers and injectables to fill out areas of the nose that may need added volume (such as an irregular tip) is an option for you to get the look that you desire with almost zero downtime and the same side effects that you are already used to. If you want to tweak your nose in a minor way, look into fillers!

Just a Tip

Nasal tips that feature grooves in their outline (sometimes referred to as “bifid” tips) or tips that bend downwards slightly could be destroying your entire profile. The nose is the central part of the face, and oftentimes it’s the part of your appearance that people notice first. Having imperfections to your nasal tip is common and can be fixed easily with injectable fillers. The best news is yet to come: when these fillers are administered correctly, the procedure is almost painless and requires no anesthesia. Similar to a Botox injections like you are already accustom to, adding fillers to your nose is no more or less dangerous to any other filler administration.

When Fillers Aren’t Enough

Sculpting the tip using hyaluronic acid (found in fillers) does have a few shortcomings. The procedure is not a permanent fix, and will need to be maintained over time. If you love the results you achieve using this process however, it may open the door to considering more permanent options like rhinoplasty. Using fillers is a great way to “try on” your results and see if more drastic measures are necessary. Discussing your ultimate desires for your nose and face with your doctor is a good way to get the information that you need. Educated decisions when it comes to cosmetic surgery are the best way to assure perfect results!

Lots of Uses, Lots of Benefits

Fillers and injectables can do some amazing things. The FDA is approving products like Botox for such uses as cures for chronic migraines and pain, in addition to combating the signs of aging. The product is also being used for:

  • Lip enhancements
  • Breast augmentations
  • Excessive sweating (FDA approved)
  • Correcting bladder function
  • Reducing enlarged prostates
  • Several other uses!
  • Your Nose Knows the Answer

One of the many, many good things that injectables can do is fix slight problems with your nose in a non-invasive, easy to recover from way. Remember, permanent options are always on the table, but if you are looking for alternatives to test out your new look, fillers are fantastic. If you are curious about making changes to your nose, talk to your doctor about your options ASAP!

To learn more about what options are available for your nose we suggest consulting with New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon – Dr. Grigoriy Mashkevich.

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