Summary: Cellulite is kind of like an arch nemesis. But maybe that’s because we don’t really understand it. The more we learn about cellulite, the better we know how to eliminate it. Stay away from those creams that over-promise—they don’t work. Instead, the best way to get rid of cellulite is through a surgical or cosmetic treatment.

Fight the Good Fight

In some ways cellulite is a figment of your imagination, a product of our hyper-sensitive culture. In fact, one hundred years ago, cellulite didn’t exist. It was just fat. It was normal. But it’s here today, and we’ve got to deal with it. Well, knowledge, as they say, is power, so the more we know about cellulite, the better prepared we are to combat it.

What is Cellulite?

The first step is to know precisely what causes cellulite. And that’s a tough step, because we’re not entirely sure what causes it. There are some things we know. We know that it’s pretty natural. We know that it has something to do with the way fat layers are structured in the hips and legs. Essentially, there’s a lattice of muscle fibers, and the fat kind of pushes through that lattice, resulting in the cellulite you see on your legs.

It’s About Your Genes, Not Your Running Shorts

There’s certainly a genetic component to this. And that, more than anything, seems to inform who suffers from cellulite and who does not. In other words, it doesn’t matter how fit you are, how skinny you are, or how much kale you eat—cellulite could be coming your way. It’s true that eating right and exercising can limit the appearance of cellulite, but not its existence. It’s also true that cellulite seems to occur in women more than men.

Zap it

So, you want to get rid of your cellulite. And that’s understandable. The creams that advertise cellulite’s demise? Turns out those claims are pretty much fabricated. There’s no such thing as a cream that will eliminate cellulite. You basically have two options. The first option is a dermal filler, much like those used to eliminate facial wrinkles. The second option is a specialized treatment designed just for cellulite. Sometimes these treatments take the form of minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as Cellulaze. Practiced by doctors such as Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Berkowitz, Cellulze essentially uses a specialized laser to destroy the lattice netting putting pressure on the fat in your hips and legs (the laser at the same time eliminates some of that very fat).

Smooth legs

So, cellulite isn’t the end of the wearing-shorts-in-summer world. It’s very common, and while it effects more women than men, no one should be ashamed of its appearance. That said, if it makes you uncomfortable, you should also know that there are solutions—not just for those looking for Cellulaze in Detroit. Cellulite treatments are a very common procedure, and if you hate looking down at your legs, contact a cosmetic surgeon today.

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