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What Makes Breasts “Aesthetically Pleasing?”

Like any body part, female breasts come with their own set of standards and expectations, often dictated by society. What makes one pair of breasts better-looking than another? The truth is that aesthetic perfection is almost entirely impossible, and personal preference reigns supreme when it comes to how you feel about all parts of your body.

However, many women can feel self-conscious about the way their breasts look, and it’s important to know that there are procedures out there designed to create breasts that are perky, firm, and personally aesthetically satisfying. All standards are different, but the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute notes that women are frequently the most pleased with breasts that have an areola smaller than 40mm in diameter, nipples that form an equilateral triangle with the notch above the sternum, and a size proportionate to chest width, waist size, and height.

In addition to these factors, it seems that a common concern is breast “pertness,” says the Institute: There should be a proper projection (on the profile, the nipple “should” sit directly behind the part of the breast that projects the fullest). For a variety of reasons, whether it be age or nursing or all of the above, pertness can be one of the first qualities to fall subject to time and gravity. This can be frustrating for women who don’t like seeing their breasts change, and want to restore them to their former appearance.

If you aren’t pleased with the cosmetic appearance of your sagging breasts, you aren’t alone. You should know, though, that many women don’t understand why their breasts are sagging, the truth about the process of correction, and the options they have available to craft their own appearance. Again, note that decisions regarding your body should be according to you, and only you. No surgery should be undertaken with expectations of perfection. Here are some of the common misconceptions about sagging breasts and how to correct them.

Four Myths About Sagging Breasts

  1. Your breasts only sag after childbirth. Many women know that pregnancy and childbirth can stretch out breasts (although this isn’t universally the case), but sagging breasts aren’t specifically caused by age or childbirth. Rather, some women aren’t happy with their shapes beginning as early as puberty. Twin Cities breast lift specialist Minneapolis Plastic Surgery has a prime example of this in their past client roster. A 32-year old patient “never liked the appearance of her breasts because her nipples have pointed down since puberty. She has never been pregnant. Her breast size was adequate, but she wanted a more youthful appearance with nipples that pointed forward.” The patient underwent a breast lift, was sipping a soda in discharge just an hour after surgery, and today has no scarring and perky, elevated breasts. Take a look at their photos if you need evidence that breasts and nipples don’t need pregnancy to sag!
  2. There’s nothing you can do to prevent sagging. Rather, writer Dina Roth Port shares an article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal that found that a high BMI and a history of smoking were risk factors for breast sagging, along with yo-yo dieting: “If a woman gains a lot of weight, her breasts will stretch out just as the rest of her skin will. However, if she then loses that weight, she’ll be left with the extra skin, which just sags because it no longer has all that tissue holding it up. Always maintaining a healthy weight will likely help.”
  3. A breast lift will change your breast size. Note that breast augmentations and breast lifts are not the same procedure. If you find yourself with saggy breasts, but you’re happy with the size, a breast lift is probably a good option. A good test to see if your breasts are actually sagging is the paper test: Slide a sheet up paper underneath your breast so that it sits against the breast crease. Look in the mirror. If your nipples sit below the top edge of the paper, you probably have a decent amount of sagging, and a breast lift could be a good option for you. A breast lift will not change the size of your breasts themselves. It can reshape the breast to make it more symmetrical and rounded, though.
  4. Sagging breasts aren’t a problem if the breasts are small. As small-breasted women everywhere will tell you, sagging has nothing to do with the size of your boobs: Rather, it has to do with what’s inside them. The ratio of breast tissue to fat helps determine whether the breasts will eventually sag. So, nobody is immune.

Is Breast Lift Surgery A Good Option?

If you’re happy with your breasts and they’re healthy, remember that breast health is always the first priority. If you don’t like the way your breasts look, that’s your prerogative as well. While health is the primary concern and aesthetic appearance is secondary, there are many cosmetic surgeons who can work with you to create breasts that you’re happy with, and that you’re proud of. The guide to breast lift surgery from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a wonderful place to begin learning more about the procedure, or leave a comment in the section below, anytime! We’d be happy to help answer your question.

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